Yesterday on the Big Brother 20 live feeds, we found out who Kaitlyn nominated for eviction and who her real target was. In order for her to keep her cover with one of the alliances, she had to lie to them. So far things are looking good for Kaitlyn and her plan could go off without a hitch, as long as the winner of the POV comp is someone from the right side of the house.

Earlier today the players for the POV comp on Big Brother 20 were picked and when the feeds came back, it looked like Kaitlyn’s plan could actually work. Some of the people picked to play in the veto really need to keep a low profile, but will they be able to? Find out below who won the POV comp with my Big Brother spoilers!

In order for Kaitlyn’s plan to go off without an issue, Rachel or one of the noms would have to win the POV. Faysal has already said if he won, he wasn’t going to use it and Tyler doesn’t want to appear to be on any specific side of the house. So which of these scenarios will end up playing out?

The POV Winner is….Tyler!

This is going to make the week interesting, that’s for sure. What do you think he will do with the Veto? Do you think he will take Winston down? Take Scottie down? What is the smart move at this stage in the game?

Based on conversations between Tyler and Rachel, it looks like Tyler is planning on saving Scottie with it to try and get him to come over to their side. This would allow Kaitlyn a chance to also BD Swaggy like she planned. We will find out for sure as the days go by.

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