Yesterday was Power of Veto day in the Big Brother house and we got to find out which HGs would join the HOH and the noms to play in the POV. After we waited for the POV Players to compete, we found out who won the POV. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother live feeds throughout the day right here with our Big Brother spoilers

We started the day kind of early in the Big Brother house. The HGs got their wake up call at 8:30 and Rachel went right up to talk to Bayleigh. Rachel is still freaking out about being a pawn. Bayleigh promises her that if Brett comes down, Scottie will go up and Rachel will be safe. Rachel then starts thinking that Scottie and continues to freak out about that.

About an hour after the HGs woke up, they met in the living room for the POV Player draw. When the feeds came back up we found out that Bayleigh, Rachel, and Brett would be joined by Sam, Tyler, and JC for the POV competition. Tyler and Kaycee have a chat, Tyler tells Kaycee that if the Veto is used, Sam or Angela will most likely go up (Bayleigh didn’t tell him that, he’s pulling it out of his rear). Tyler says that if the noms stay the same, he wants Brett to stay, but Kaycee tells him that she wants Rachel to stay. They agree to talk about it later.

Throughout the day, Bayleigh grew more annoyed with Rachel and how she was acting. Bayleigh tells Sam that she has no intentions of throwing the POV and Sam tells her she is also playing to win. Bayleigh tells her that she doesn’t want to have to pick a renom. Meanwhile, Rachel is telling Angela that Bayleigh is sending mixed signals about saving her with the POV like she said she would.

There is then a chat between Sam and Tyler about the Veto. Tyler tells her that she shouldn’t throw the comp. She tells him she is playing to win and that she is going to keep noms the same if she does. Kaycee chats with Angela and tells her that Rachel really needs to calm down because she is digging her hole deeper. They had both talked to Bayleigh and compare notes. Angela tells Kaycee that Bayleigh is losing trust in Rachel because she is freaking out about this.

Feeds cut for the Veto Comp. Just under six hours later, the feeds come back and all the HGs are in the living room. Tyler is wearing the Veto Medallion. The general chatter in the living room starts to break off and Brett and Rachel are in the HN room talking. Brett is expecting Tyler to use the POV on him because he was the one who picked him to play, it makes the most sense.

Tyler joins the conversation and tells them that he plans on using it. He has to see what Bayleigh wants him to do with it. He is telling them that everything she was telling him was lining up with him being BD’d but now that can’t happen. He then tells them that there were conflicting stories. She was telling one person she wants Rachel down, another that she wants Brett down, but he has been planting the seed that Scottie is his best friend in the house so either way if she is upset about her plan to BD Tyler (which wasn’t even discussed) is no longer a possibility, she will go after someone close to Tyler instead.

Tyler goes upstairs to talk to Bayleigh. She is telling him that it makes sense that Brett picked him because they are both lone wolves in the house. She tells Tyler that she prefers he doesn’t use the Veto because she really doesn’t want to have to renom someone. Tyler tells her that Scottie is the only friend he has in the house. He tells her that he is his number one and tells him everything. During this conversation, Tyler starts planting a seed that Rachel may have been the flip vote, trying to sway Bayleigh away from targeting Brett.

Later there is a conversation between Rachel and Bayleigh. Rachel is still freaking out about being on the block. Bayleigh tells her that she doesn’t think Tyler is going to use it on Brett. Bayleigh also tells Rachel that Tyler told her the only way he would use it is if Angela is put up as a renom. This puts Rachel in even more of a panic because she is believing Bayleigh (she thinks that Tyler is making suggestions to break up their alliance).

Tyler talks to Angela later and he tells her that he only plans on using the Veto if he is 100% sure that Scottie is going up. Meanwhile, Rachel and Angela are talking and Rachel is telling her that she believes Bayleigh over Tyler right now. JC walks in and they are all discussing how they don’t know where Bayleigh’s head is at.

Angela and Kaycee are talking about how Rachel told Angela that Tyler is throwing her name out to Bayleigh. Kaycee doesn’t believe that Tyler would all of a sudden turn on them. After that conversation, Kaycee has a chat with Tyler and he is telling her his plan to get Scottie up and that he isn’t going to use the Veto unless he is sure that Scottie is her renom. Kaycee goes back to Angela and Rachel and updates them on that conversation with Tyler. Angela and Rachel are calming down. Tyler comes in and tells them that it was Bayleigh that suggested Angela. When he leaves the conversation they agree that Tyler’s story makes more sense that Bayleigh’s claim.

Tyler tells Kaycee that he didn’t tell Bayleigh that Angela should be the renom. He says he probably won’t use the Veto now. He then goes to talk with Angela and they explain everything with what Bayleigh has been telling everyone. They talk about Rachel freaking out about being a nominee when she was the one who talked her way onto the block. Her running her mouth suggesting everyone should be on the block is why Bayleigh put her up there. Angela is convinced that Bayleigh didn’t say that to Rachel and that Rachel must be making it up. Angela tells Tyler that she would rather have Brett in the house if Rachel is going to keep doing things like this because the things Rachel is saying is making her freak out too. She tells Tyler that her allegiances are with him over Rachel at this point.

The night ended with the HGs getting beer and playing “Never Have I Ever” in the backyard and talking about life. What do you think of what’s been going on in the Big Brother house? Tyler is trying to get his “best friend” Scottie renomed, but if Rachel doesn’t calm down, she is going to find herself going home on Thursday because her own alliance is annoyed with her acting like this instead of trusting them.

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