Big Brother 20 Live Recap: Episode 10 - Power of Veto!

Tonight we will watch as Scottie and the Bros are joined by three other Big Brother 20 HGs in the Power of Veto competition. If you don’t want to wait to find out who the POV Players are, who the POV Winner is or what happened during the POV Ceremony, check out our Big Brother spoilers for all the details. Otherwise, keep refreshing this page and following along with my Big Brother live recap!

We started this episode off right after the nomination ceremony on Sunday. Scottie tells us that he put them up because they are a power couple and one of them needs to go. Bayleigh is happy that she isn’t on the block and she got this power app. Winston is not happy at all. He tells us that Scottie better hope that he doesn’t win the POV and he better hope that he goes home this week because he’s coming for him.

Meanwhile, Haleigh, Fessy, and Rockstar are celebrating in the storage room. Meanwhile, Brett is upstairs talking to Scottie and telling him that he has drawn a line in the sand and at least he has a chance with the POV. Tyler is upset that two members of his alliance are on the block, but it isn’t him and that’s what matters. Winston is talking to Tyler and Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn is trying to tell him that he needs to separate himself from Brett and start campaigning. After that conversation, Winston goes upstairs and tells Scottie that he better hope that Winston goes home this week because if he doesn’t, he coming after him. Probably not a smart move there.

It’s time to pick the players for the POV comp, Scottie picks Tyler, Brett picks Rachel and Winston picks Rockstar. Bayleigh is hosting and she calls everyone out to the living room. She tells them that the winner of this comp will also win a trip to Greece! The HGs will be spinning like in Bowlerina and then building a tower out of champagne glasses at the other end of the platform.

They get 30 seconds after spinning 15 times. If they start running out of time, they have to run back, hit a buzzer and spin again to reset their timer to 30 seconds. If their timer runs out before they hit the buzzer to spin again, they are eliminated. If the HG is eliminated, they have one chance to come back into the game if they agree to be a HN for a week. The first HG with their tower completely built wins. Brett was so close, but he ran out of time. He chooses to be a HN for the week and start over again. Meanwhile, Scottie and Rachel are really close in the comp. Scottie is running back and forth like a madman and manages to finish just before Rachel. Scottie wins the POV and a trip to Greece.

Brett is really upset that he lost the POV comp and now the Bros are trying to come up with a plan on how to convince Scottie to keep them in the house. Winston and Brett are talking in the storage room about what they can do and Winston thinks that they should offer him a F3 when everyone is sleeping. Just then, Scottie walks in. They congratulate him on his win and then Winston apologizes to Scottie for blowing up on him. There is an awkward silence and then Scottie leaves. Brett says they should have just done it there.

Meanwhile, Haleigh’s punishment is kicking in and she is being told to read Hamlet in random rooms of the house. In the shower, in the bathroom stall, in the storage room and in the middle of the night she was told to read in the living room and the HN room while everyone is sleeping. Everyone is a little annoyed with this punishment, including Haleigh.

Winston then asks Scottie if they can meet upstairs and he agrees. Winston and Brett meet him up there to talk to Scottie about how they can work together and Scottie can BD someone who has already picked off one of Scottie’s alliance members. They are trying to point Scottie towards Kaitlyn. After they try and sell this to him, he tells them he has to sleep on it.

Kaitlyn is currently having a “vision” and she tells us it’s of Winston and Brett gunning for her. I just want to point out that this is CBS editing at it’s best because she had this “vision” after Bayleigh told her that Brett and Winston made that pitch to Scottie. She then runs upstairs to talk to Scottie about it. When he tells her that this was a real thing and tells her all about the secret meeting with Winston and Brett, she flips out.

She goes down to confront Winston and Brett about what they said. They are denying that they know anything about it until Scottie tells them that she knows about their meeting. Brett admits to telling Scottie that sending her home would put the least amount of blood on his hands and Kaitlyn is fuming.

It is time for the veto ceremony and the Bros deliver their speeches. Brett mocks Kaitlyn’s “visions” in his veto speech and makes Scottie chuckle, but he decides not to use the POV to save either of the Bros.

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