Tonight on Big Brother 20 we will watch as Kaitlyn, Scottie and Winston pick players for the Power Of Veto competition. Kaitlyn’s plan to BD Swaggy could possibly work depending on how this competition plays out. Who will win the POV Comp? Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s POV competition!

After the POV Comp plays out and we find out the winner, we will find out if the Power of Veto will be used to take down one of the nominees. If you can’t wait to find out who played in the POVwho won the POV or what happened at the Veto Meeting, you can get all the details with my Big Brother spoilers!

We started this episode of Big Brother 20 off with Kaitlyn telling us that she is really done with Swaggy talking about her behind her back all week. Winston and Brett are talking about the plan and how it’s important for Winston to win the Veto and get himself off the block. FOUTTE is convinced that Winston is the target this week and they are all upstairs laughing about how Winston is nervous.

It’s time to pick players for the POV. Kaitlyn picks first and she picks HG choice and picks Fessy, Scottie chooses Rachel and Winston picks Tyler. Tyler couldn’t be happier about being picked either and tells us that all he has to do is win the veto, take someone off and then Swaggy goes up.

Fessy goes to see Kaitlyn in the HOH and she tells him that she doesn’t want him to win because it could look bad for his game. He is nervous about wh she is telling him this and tells us he is going to try and win this POV regardless. All the HGs are hanging out and Jessica and Cody from BB19 walk in. It’s time for the Veto competition!

BB has created a dating app for BB HGs and the competition revolved around this concept. The Veto Players will have to go through the app and look through dating profiles for specific HGs. They use the clues in these profiles to match the HGs to their perfect date locations. The player with the fastest time wins, if they fail to get them in their correct date locations after 20 minutes they are eliminated. Rachel goes first, then Kaitlyn, then Scottie, then Winston, then Tyler and finally Fessy.

  • Rachel finished with a time of 5 minutes and 49 seconds
  • Scottie got 18 minutes and 20 seconds
  • Winston got 20 minutes
  • Tyler got 5 minutes and 29 seconds
  • Fessy got a time of 6 minutes and 22 seconds
  • Kaitlyn got a time of 13 minutes and 12 seconds.

Tyler won the POV and Kaitlyn realizes she is about to make a big move! After the POV comp, Kaitlyn starts to freak out a bit about making this move. Tyler is trying to calm her down and explain to her that BD’ing Swaggy is the best option. Fessy comes up to talk to her later and he asks her what the plan is and she tells him that she is going to have Tyler take Scottie down and she is going to renom Angela. She tells us that lying to him was hard and she knows that BD’ing Swaggy could potentially drive a wedge between her and the best friend she’s ever had. (I’m not going to say anything about how crazy this sounds…)

Rachel’s Yell reviews have started and there is a guy that comes into the house and screams at her telling her she has a zero star rating. Even shows up at 5 am and scares the crap out of her and everyone else in the room while they were sleeping. Even gets her in the DR. He then comes in and tells her that he has been over-reacting and then asks her if she wants to have a cup of coffee with him. She agrees and he takes a sip and spits it out and starts yelling about how terrible the coffee is and that she has zero stars for her coffee making ability.

We then see Kaitlyn talking to Haleigh in the backyard and she tells Haleigh about her plan to BD Swaggy. Haleigh is surprised by this plan because she was under the impression that either Winston or Angela was the plan. Haleigh then tells Rockstar the plan and Rockstar is freaking out over this. Tyler walks into the storage room while they are talking and they change the subject quickly. When he leaves, Haleigh tells her that Tyler is in on it too.

Rockstar walks back out of the Storage room and goes to get clothes to get changed and she tells Fessy that she doesn’t have a good feeling about the POV Meeting. He tells her that the plan is to get Angela on the block and he trusts that Kaitlyn is going to stick to that plan. Rockstar tells us in her DR session that it is tearing her apart that she can’t tell him the truth and that his closest ally is really Kaitlyn’s target.

Kaitlyn goes outside and pulls Fessy aside and tells him that she hopes that they can still be friends after what she is about to do and hopes that he can trust her still. He asks what she is about to do and she tells him “you know what I’m about to do” he whistles like she just dropped a bomb on him which leads her to believe that he knows her plan. She apologizes again and tells him that she has to play the game.

It is time for the Veto Meeting and Tyler uses the Veto to take Scottie off the block and through the tears Kaitlyn apologizes to the two people that are going to be most upset with her. She then tells everyone that she hopes she is never put in this position again and she said “I’m sorry Swaggy” and Swaggy takes a seat next to Winston on the block. Fessy is upset that she had this big plan behind his back when they are supposed to be best friends. Bayleigh is angry and Kaitlyn goes right up to the HOH room and starts crying. Swaggy tells us that he knew at some point he would be in this position.

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