Feels a bit anticlimactic, doesn’t it? This Big Brother 2011 Finale?
Of course, BB Historically speaking, it’s not unusual for the final three to leave us somewhat less than thrumming with excitement.
These three are not quite the ho-hum trio of say.. a Hayden, Lane and Enzo… But I can’t help but feel a little more “Finally, it’s over.” and a little less “Aw… It’s over.”

I hate that too, because most of us wait with breathless anticipation for summer and our favorite show. Remember that shiver you felt the first time the Big Brother 2011 commercial hit the airwaves, back in the blue doldrums of July?

Tonight’s outcome is still less-than-certain, as we wait for the final HOH to be played, yet I have a bad feeling in my gut.

Should Rachel win? Of course she should. Regardless of your feelings about the fiery red-head, she’s the only one left who fought, struggled and played it hard and fast from day one.

Porshe, a ham sandwich for much of the game, only shook out her sleep wrinkles after week 9. And Adam placidly floated along, carried by the tide and Jeff’s team for the larger part of the season.

Yet, looking at the folks in the Jury house, we could see ham beat cheese to win the comp.

Who should take whom? That’s the only question left to be answered.

If Rachel wins, she’s promised to take Porshe. But from comments she made yesterday, it seems she is at least considering her options, and she HAS to know she has a much better chance for votes if she takes Adam.

Especially since Adam and her got into some kind of tiff, and he declared to Porshe that he’d never vote for Rachel to win. That even if Porshe kicks him out, he’ll still vote for her.  Uh.. Adam. that’s not really the best strategy ever, to tell her she’ll have your vote if she kicks you out. What would be her incentive to take you?

Porshe’s working with limited vision. She’s not a BB fan, so she doesn’t get the Jury mindset the way Rachel and Adam do. All she knows is that ‘People don’t like Rachel’ and therefore won’t vote for her. She’s not savvy enough in the way the game works to understand that most jury members vote for who played the game best, and not who they did or didn’t like.

Having said that, Porshe’s last-minute wins might be enough fuel to win her a vote or two from the Newbie side–Adam included–to take her to the top.

So,.,.basically what I’m saying is: we have no idea who’ll win tonight. We know who SHOULD win. But that means little in this crazy game.

Who do you think will pull it off? Not who you WANT to win. Who do you THINK will win?

And the BIG question of the night! Who will win America’s Favorite? What do you say?

As for the next season, I made a comment on an earlier post that I want to share here with you. For all us long-time fans, we ask…no, we BEG the BB powers that be to listen to what we…the fans want.

I want BB to really think next season through. Like I-and a million other fans–have screamed a thousand times before. Give us something NEW! Give us your fat. Your old. Your homely (just let them be SMART)! Give us married couples- slugging it out against other married couples. Give us REAL people. No more plastic Hollywood wannabe’s.
Switch up the rules. Switch up the games. Make us breathless with anticipation next year for each show to air.
Watching, as people slowly lose their humanity–or rise above it– in a closed, constitutional monarchy… THAT is what BB was created for!

On a personal note: I have enjoyed–so very, very much–spending time with you this season. I already said my goodbyes in an EARLIER POST, but I hope you’ll join us again next year for what we pray will be a dynamic and excitement-filled season!

And don’t forget.. If you have the LIVE FEEDS…to watch the Big Brother 2011 Backyard interviews of all your favorite BB players, past and present.


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