I didn’t even bring up the “Bookie” conversation on the earlier Big Brother 2011 post, cause I thought it was soooo stupid. He was being uber-sensitive and controlling. And she was acting like an eighth-grader. Then it was over.. I’m surprised BB gave it that much time..


Votes–  Dom- Porshe, Brendon-Keith, Jordan-Keith, Cassi-Porshe, Lawon-Porshe, Jeff-Keith, Dani-Keith, Adam- Porshe, Kalia-Keith, Shelly-Keith.

(I called those yesterday–Just sayin’–lol)

Now- for the  BIG NEWS–our new HOH–JORDAN– so…..ummm…called that, too–

Now the fun begins on the LIVE FEEDS –Jump on them quick to see the fall-out as the Newbies try to figure out which one of their group flipped.

New post in the am of all the Big Brother craziness that’s sure to erupt tonight. Stay tuned and good night!


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