For those of you who think this season is boring.. You haven’t been watching the same Big Brother 2011 that I have! It’s raging right now!!

If you read the  Post from yesterday you know that Dani completely went off her nut. She basically declared war on Jeff and it’s backfired on her. Set had her troops set, but she fired the guns prematurely. Once she realized that Brendon was NOT going to use the VETO to backdoor Jeff, Dani went OFF on Brenchel, telling them that if they send Dom home, she’s going to be PISSED and if she gets HOH, she’ll do whatever she wants. It was a blatant threat, and it’s set up a huge rift in the house, with the VETS and their allies (Shelly and perhaps Porshe) against the rest of the house.

Now, the Vet alliance is on to her and they’re setting up their own battle plans. STAY TUNED for the post POV ceremony fallout!

Last night, Dani told Dom that  Shelly was the secret vote to keep Keith. He was SHOCKED! Dani laughed and said “Oops.”

Today and the next few days begins a true war– use the Flashback Feature on the LIVE FEEDS at 5:55 BBT yesterday afternoon, and then at different points throughout the night.  When Brendon does NOT use the POV, get ready for Dani to do whatever it takes to save Dom. If you don’t have the FEEDS- GET THEM HERE! This week is sure to be an endurance comp, and everyone in the line of fire has sworn to DIE before they drop. And we get to see it all as it plays out!!

I feel a little sorry for Dom.. Dani is ruining his Big Brother 2011 game. If she hadn’t pushed SO hard, he might not be in such a bad position.

Things are extremely uncomfortable in the BB House. Jeff is holding onto his temper by a shoestring. He wants to go off on Dani soooo bad, but is trying to maintain until the HOH..

Do you think Jeff will hold onto his temper or will he lose it??


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