If you don’t pay attention to any of my Big Brother 2013 spoilers, then you have been waiting anxiously to find out the winner of Head of Household for Week 6 on Big Brother 15, especially since Big Brother host Julie Chen left us wondering who it would be! A lot has gone on since we have seen the HouseGuests walking on that barrel and we shall see what CBS shows us tonight! Watch with me during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and find out who got nominated for eviction by the HoH on Big Brother 2013 tonight!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Episode 17

We were left last time on Big Brother 2013 wondering who would win and all still upset that Howard was voted off. The night after the HoH competition was full of major drama, but I am interested in seeing what they actually show. It seems that most of the drama that happened after the HoH competition surrounded around Amanda, but it also appears that she is getting a very nice edit by CBS. What will they let us see tonight???

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We will find out soon enough and I am intrigued to see. My Big Brother 2013 Live Recap follows, so keep up with me!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap or see who got nominated for eviction by the HoH on Big Brother 15 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we start with a look back at the HoH competition and Spencer knows he needs to win, since no one had his back but Howard. Candice is sad to see Howard go, but she needs to win this and she knows it. After Howard walks out the door, Candice is in the bathroom and Amanda comes up and gives her a hug and says she is there for her. Helen follows behind and said let’s play the game….ugh.

Back to the HoH competition and Spencer falls and Candice is only worried about him, so she falls right after him and will lay low this week. The other are dropping like flies and we are down to GM, McCrae and Jessie. Andy just fell and he is not worried because he has gotten far by being everyone’s friend.

The first three players get to pick their boxes: Spencer gets a bullhorn that he must use to talk into until the nomination ceremony, Candice wins the $5,000 and Helen won a backyard BBQ for her and three friends.

Jessie now falls and GM and McCrae are trying to bargain to win. No one is budging though! Amanda is cheering on McCrae and telling him that they can have their own room. What, the HoH room is not their room all the time??? GM offers one nominee for each of them if she wins. McCrae offers both his nominees for the win, but GM wants her hair dye and not giving up.

They speed up the barrel and GM is going strong and McCrae struggles and he falls off first and GinaMarie is the new Head of Household for Week 6! Excited or pissed?

The HGs are not sure about GM being HoH because she is a wild card, so here comes Helen and kissing her butt. She is so happy she won on Big Brother 2013. Up in the HoH room, Aaryn and GM are celebrating the victory.

Amanda and McCrae are worried that they may be a target. Spencer and Amanda make a peace treaty because she doesn’t want him out just yet and she wants to stay safe. Will these people wake up this week?

Aaryn and GM talk and their target is Candice this week….anyone shocked??? It might be Spencer with her, since he voted out Nick and he can kiss her ass!

Time to see GM’s HoH room and she gets a picture of her and Nick and the tears come! Andy says all her stuff is something a 15-year-old would enjoy and GM is 32 years old!

Let the drama begin, as Spencer, Judd, Jessie and Helen are talking about the BBQ and Helen has picked Aaryn and Elissa for the BBQ and the other one is up for grabs. Jessie is not happy and Aaryn comes in and it is awkward. The BBQ drama continues, as Jessie is still upset and Amanda says not to be worried about it, but Jessie is still upset. It proceeds to the living room later and Amanda goes off on Jessie and they get into it over something that is pointless, but Andy is a snake and he should be a target on Big Brother 2013. He goes to everyone and tells all the secrets. Nothing is safe in this house.

Now McCrae and Jessie talk and she said they are in control of the vote and he denies it. Amanda and Andy join in and Jessie said that she told Andy in confidence and then he told them, but Amanda denies it. Amanda and Jessie continue their fighting and she said Jessie is crazy and attention-seeking and a non-sane person, but Jessie said Amanda is in her underwear right now. Jessie said she is a bully and preys on people that are weak. Jessie said she may threaten her, but it doesn’t take the target off Amanda also!

Now McCrae and Amanda are talking and he wants her to go apologize and this is a game and not life. He is trying to get her head in the game and she is playing into what everyone thinks about her. He calls her dumb and the fighting continues between them on Big Brother 2013.

The funny thing: Amanda and Candice got into it also and CBS amazingly edited that out!!!

The next day arrives and GM talks with Jessie in the HoH room and said she is safe this week and if everyone is on board then Candice will be leaving this week. These people target the worst people!

Nomination Ceremony time on Big Brother 2013: Aaryn is safe. Helen is safe. McCrae is safe. Judd is safe. Amanda is safe. Elissa is safe. Spencer is safe. Andy is safe. Our nominees for Week 6 are Candice and Jessie. GM then proceeds to tell Candice is full of drama and she is beautiful, but she doesn’t want to call her a tattletale or a rat. Then Jessie is a flip flopper and that is worse.

What do you think of GM’s choices tonight?

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