It seems that the live eviction shows on Big Brother 2013 have been pretty lame and low-drama, as most of the HouseGuests are following the leader and doing as they are told and no one is growing a pair and making the big moves on Big Brother 15! The only one that may possibly be willing to do it will probably be voted off tonight on Big Brother 2013! We have the return of Big Brother host Julie Chen tonight, so come watch with me during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and see who went home on Big Brother 2013 tonight with me!

Big Brother 2013 - Week 5 Nominees

We should have an interesting episode tonight, seeming this week has brought out some fights and drama at house meetings. If only these HGs could see how crazy they are all being and, at the same time, how stupid they are all being. How did Amanda and Helen take over the game? The vote happens tonight and then a new Head of Household competition. It looks to be an endurance challenge, so we might have a late night tonight, folks!

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Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap or see who went home on Big Brother 15 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we get to see Candice unleashed tonight. You ready for that? Spencer said he is ready to flip the house and get Amanda out of the house. Can he do it though?

Howard and Candice are getting into it, as Howard thinks neither of them are going anywhere, but Candice knows the real deal. He thinks she is always negative.

Now GinaMarie is talking with Spencer and she said Amanda has no power with her, but Spencer said they need five votes for Amanda. Judd, Spencer, Howard and Andy talk about getting rid of Amanda, but why these people trust Andy is beyond me!

Spencer tells Candice he has her back, but then Andy goes to Amanda and tells them of the conversation with the guys. She does not trust Judd, so now the hating on him will begin for Big Brother 2013.

Now the drama between Spencer and Amanda, as she tries to call him out on his stuff and he is not backing down. He did tell Amanda that he wants Candice to be gone, but he is just telling her. He said he is not a “punk ass bitch” and he tells Amanda to shut up and she said that he is a bully and who tells a woman to shut up. Act like a woman Amanda and maybe he would treat you like one. I so want to like Spencer, if he didn’t make those comments early in the season.

Now Candice calls a house meeting on Big Brother 2013. She calls out Spencer for lying, but has she never seen this show? Everyone lies and she tells Spencer he is going home next week, so help her god!

Now Jessie, Aaryn and GinaMarie have their moment and they are so afraid of Candice…yeah, that’s the reason why. They want her out this week, but they want her out because she will call them all out on their shit.

Julie Chen talks with the HGs and she hints at many things have happened outside of the house while they have been in the Big Brother 2013 house and she talks celebrity births though (not Aaryn or GM losing their jobs). Jessie misses her dog and Judd misses home and I guess his dog.

While Amanda, Aaryn and Helen think that Judd is some genius and not that small town doofus, so CBS goes to his hometown and talks with his family. I don’t think he is that wise, but I like him and that apparently scares the ladies….since no one likes them on Big Brother 2013!

We’ve wasted enough time talking celebrity births and seeing Judd’s family and hometown, so now it is time to get to the vote on Big Brother 2013. The nominees get one more chance to sway their votes. Amanda says she is glad to play the game next to McCrae and thanks to GM for calming her down. Candice said her friends may see a lot on this show, but they know she is one tough cookie. Howard thanks God and tells them to vote their hearts and not what they are told to do!!! Here comes the vote:

  • Helen votes Howard (sadly and her dear friend, but she led the attack on him)
  • Elissa votes Howard (sadly too)
  • Spencer votes Candice
  • McCrae votes Howard
  • Andy votes Howard
  • Judd votes Howard
  • GinaMarie votes Howard
  • Jessie votes Howard

All the votes are in and in a 7-1 vote, Howard is the fifth person evicted from the Big Brother 15 house and Amanda avoids any votes….ugh! Julie lets them know it is Howard evicted from the house and hugs all around, but how is Candice going to survive this without him calming her down??? This is going to be great!!! Sad to see him go, but maybe Candice will be released now, huh?

He comes out and talks with Julie Chen. He said Helen, Amanda and McCrae have the power in the house, but he tried. Julie told him he lost Helen’s trust when he lied to her. He said he never said anything about the racist comments because of his temper and he took the high road and let them deal with it. He seems like a truly classy guy and sad to see him go. Julie asks about the friendship with Candice and thought it was a showmance, but they are great friends and hope that continues.

Once again, America is Big Brother MVP and you can vote right here!!! I suggest waiting to see who wins HoH tonight so we aren’t wasting votes this week!!!

Time for the Week 6 Head of Household Competition and it is called “Bull In A China Shop” and they must hold onto a bull’s head as they walk on a rolling log. The last one to be standing with that bull in hand. Helen struggles early on and then Elissa is struggling. Knock Helen off and get her on the block! There will be no Have-Nots this week.

Julie Chen makes them an offer: the first three HGs to fall off can pick one barrel. One of them contains $5,000, but none of them take the offer. Too crucial of a week?

Before Julie speeds up the rolling pin and sends us to the Live Feeds, she tells us that next week will be a Double Eviction on Big Brother 2013, so this weekend is going to be crucial. I’ll post the winner of the HoH as soon as I find out! Who you rooting for?


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