CBS thinks we all can wait until Sunday night to find out who won Head of Household on Big Brother 2013 tonight for Week 6? While everyone that doesn’t subscribe to the Live Feeds would not know this, but the Live Feeds still showed us the HoH competition for Big Brother 15 and we have the results of the “Bull In A China Shop” challenge. Find out who is the new HoH for Week 6 in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!


When CBS left us tonight on Big Brother 2013, we saw all of the HGs (except Aaryn of course) were on the barrel and holding the bull by it’s horns. They increased the speed and it was anyone’s game, even though we saw Helen and Elissa both struggling early! Get the results below!


The final three HGs left standing on the barrel were McCrae, GinaMarie and Jessie. As sad as I am to report that Candice and Spencer fell off and my dreams of some fun came to an end, I think GinaMarie could possibly offer some excitement, just because she is so random and loud!

Jessie falls next and that leaves it down to GM and McCrae. They both offer each other one of their noms (McCrae even offered up both of his to let him win), but neither of them took it. This didn’t last as long as I thought it would, but the new HoH for Week 6 is GinaMarie. She seems to be on the bad side of the house, but I think GM can be persuaded, so this could be fun to watch. Can Aaryn and GM make a move this week???

For the three prizes, Spencer got a bullhorn and he has to talk out of until the nominations are revealed tomorrow night. Helen won a BBQ party and Candice won the $5,000.

We saw it all on the Live Feeds and you can too! Subscribe here!!!

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