It is time to find out who won Head of Household for Week 7 on Big Brother 2013 and find out who they put up on the block on Big Brother 15. Of course, this has already all gone down and I have shared everything with you over in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers, but we can still watch and see how it all happens! We may want to slap them through our TV screens tonight, but let’s all watch together and vent together? Follow along with me during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap that follows!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Helen and Elissa

No one was shocked when Candice was evicted last time on Big Brother 2013, but it came as a shock to the HGs when they were told they would be having a double eviction that night! Some of the HouseGuests were thinking it would be a double eviction, but with these HGs they seem to plan weeks in advance who their target will be! Judd was so mischievous and scheming against them all (sarcasm there), so he just had to go! Thankfully they are in the jury house and could maybe come back???

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Things continued on Thursday night after the live show on CBS, as we had another HoH competition and the emotions ran high on Big Brother 2013. Watch with me in my live recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap or see who got nominated for eviction by the HoH on Big Brother 15 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…starting late because of golf, but we are ready now!!!

We start back with the fight between Candice and GinaMarie, but GM is sticking by her words. It went way beyond what we saw on CBS. They went after each other and GM brings out Mom not liking her and the other HGs are not impressed by GinaMarie. Aaryn wants to distance herself from GM after that display and I don’t blame her!

Now to the rest of the hour and Aaryn winning HoH and the drama with that. She wants to put up GM, but she can’t. Why??? Judd tells her to not put her up and he won’t put her up. They bump fists and that changes, huh? She wins Veto and wants to keep the nominees the same, but Helen gets in her ears and changes that. She meets with Jessie and tells her if she takes her off the block then she can’t mess with her and she agrees.

They all want Judd gone because he is such a genius and he is trying to work it out, but he thinks they want to save Jessie on Big Brother 2013. Helen tries to explain to Judd, but he tells her he doesn’t want to hear it!!! Aaryn starts to cry and hopes it was not a bad move, but it was beyond that. Judd calls Jessie a snake and said the snake wins, but it was not her! They are all crying, but you did this people! Elissa whines because he did not hug her but all she did was follow the house….yeah, that is the issue! Helen and Amanda still sticking with the fact that Judd was MVP. If only the HGs knew than they could go after them!!!

McCrae is upset because Judd was his best friend and there goes the saying bros before hoes, huh? Amanda then tells Aaryn that they can trust her now and she is in a Final 4 on Big Brother 15 with Amanda, Andy and McCrae, but Aaryn said she trusts Helen more.

Head of Household Competition: we are going back and doing a sock hop at the soda shop. They will be rolling a ball down a banana to get it on top of a sundae. They will be doing head-to-head matches and in first round is Helen versus Jessie, Andy versus GM, Amanda versus Spencer and McCrae versus Elissa. The winner of HoH will announce the Have-Nots for the week.

First Round: Jessie beats Helen. Andy beats GM. Amanda beats Spencer. McCrae beats Elissa.

Second Round: Andy beats Jessie. McCrae beats Amanda and she is pissed!!! She is crying and compares herself to past couples on the show and why didn’t he throw it for her. Good job, McCrae!!!

Final Round: Andy beats McCrae and he is the HoH for Week 7 on Big Brother 2013.

Now he has to name Have-Nots for the week and he does not want to, so Helen volunteers and then GM, Elissa and Aaryn all volunteer. She is playing the good witch now and it is working for her.

Here come more tears from Amanda because McCrae didn’t let her win and she can’t win anything (yet she thinks she is such a power). He said he was barely trying, but he took her butt down and I love this!!!

Amanda goes into the Have-Not room and is crying, so Helen comes in and plays her normal game. Poor Amanda and she can’t win anything and everyone consoles her. Jessie says to stop throwing a pity party and she was on the block for two weeks and was saved by a unanimous vote. McCrae consoles her and says they are controlling the votes and have not been HoH and have no blood on their hands, which is so true. Now Andy is HoH and they can control the vote again!

Helen meets with Andy and he tells her that he is putting up Jessie and Spencer, but she wants Amanda and McCrae on the block and they need to attack before they are attacked. The problem: Andy is in an alliance with everyone, so he can’t hurt anyone. Helen is trying to make a move, but maybe win HoH and you can make a move then!

Nomination Ceremony: he makes this story about having to get his hands dirty, but we shall see. GM is safe. Helen is safe. McCrae is safe. Aaryn is safe. Amanda is safe. Elissa is safe. That means the two nominees this week are Jessie and Spencer, so that is getting your hands dirty???

What do you think of Andy’s nominees tonight on Big Brother 2013?

Helen is not happy with the nominees, but she said she is still going to be pushing for McCrae or Amanda to go up as a renom and this week will show her where Andy’s loyalties are. This could be good because you don’t want to cross Helen!!!

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