Even though the events leading up to this live eviction show on CBS tonight have been kind of boring, the show itself should bring back all the excitement to Big Brother 2013, as we have a Double Eviction tonight on Big Brother 15! Big Brother host Julie Chen should be speeding us through a week’s worth of events tonight in order to send two HouseGuests to the jury tonight! Yup, the HGs leaving tonight will not be going home, but will be joining the jury and be sequestered for the rest of Big Brother 2013! Find out which two players it will be in my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and watch with me!

Big Brother 2013 - Week 6 Nominees

While it appears that Candice will be the first member of the jury, I am still hoping and praying that the HGs drank some kind of juice this afternoon which made them all gain a few brain cells and decide that Amanda is the best option and she becomes the first member of the jury (with over 1,000 votes, it’s what you guys are thinking is going to happen according to our poll today)!

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I’m still sticking with my predictions from earlier though. Either way, it is going to get real exciting as the HGs find out they are facing a Double Eviction tonight and they only have moments to figure out their new plan. An afternoon fight with Judd today may have sealed the fate for Jessie, so let’s hope for a victory for her tonight in the HoH competition because she could possibly mix things up! My live recap follows, so let’s watch together!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap or see who went home on Big Brother 15 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…there will be more surprises tonight on Big Brother 2013. Will it be the end of Big Brother MVP since we won’t have time to vote tonight???

Before we get to the vote, we take a quick look at things that happened since the Veto Ceremony. Amanda is still on the block and she says it is time to play nice Amanda. She then sits down with Jessie and says she wants to be her friends…such a lie! She tells Jessie that she would work with her until the end if she doesn’t vote for her.

Amanda, Andy, Judd and McCrae have made a Final 4 alliance, but Amanda thinks that Judd is the MVP and she does not trust him. He tells her to watch her outbursts because it puts a target on her back. She doesn’t like to hear it though.

Candice and Jessie talk and they so got it. Why is Candice a bigger threat than Spencer or Amanda??? This is a game and for $500,000 and get out the bullies and the threats, like Amanda on Big Brother 2013. Jessie than goes to talk to Helen about the idea of backdooring Amanda, but Helen needs all her allies on board.

Helen then goes to Andy and wants to make the move, but Amanda is his ally and he doesn’t think it is the right time yet. Helen then talks with Jessie and Candice and they call Helen out about running the house and this is the time to go after Amanda and McCrae!!!

Julie Chen talks with the HGs and tells them it a double eviction tonight and the evictees tonight will be part of the bigger jury, but being part of the jury does not mean they are out of the game and they could come back! Candice, Spencer and Amanda get to say some last words and Candice calls out GM for her words and it gets ugly. It is beyond good stuff right there folks!!! The live vote:

  • McCrae votes Candice
  • Aaryn votes Candice
  • Helen votes Candice
  • Jessie votes Candice
  • Elissa votes Candice
  • Andy votes Candice
  • Judd votes Candice

The votes are in and it is unanimous: Candice has been evicted from the Big Brother 2013 house. GM tells her not let the door hit her in the butt and she tells her to go back to her Mom’s house. Candice talks with Julie and tells her she is fine and she doesn’t let people things say awful things about her. She said she is not part of the tribe and Amanda is a smart game player and could go to the end and that is why she is not out here. She asks about the racist comments and she said it was hard to bite her tongue. Again, a classy interview from an evicted HG and I loved the tiff with GM!!!

HoH Competition: this is a quiz of everything Big Brother 15. It is more or less and the last one standing wins HoH. Elissa is out after first question. Andy and Jessie are out after second questions (son of a…bye bye Jessie)! The final question is correct by Aaryn and she is the new Head of Household!!! Remember when everyone was worried about Kaitlin and she was a threat so they kept Aaryn. This is her second win since and GM was in between her….ugh!

Aaryn clearly did not want to win that HoH and now she is talking with everyone about the nominees and she is so torn. Andy is talking to her and asking her what she wants to do and it is what causes the least amount of waves. Andy said he doesn’t want Spencer to go home. When did this happen? Just because he wants Jessie to go home!

The Nomination Ceremony is beginning!!! Julie Chen announces that the MVP twist is over and only two nominees per week. She does not tell them that it was America voting. She puts up Jessie and Spencer (no shocker there). Make a move Aaryn!!!

It is the Power of Veto Competition and the players will be Andy, Judd, Amanda, Spencer, Jessie and Aaryn. They will raise down and get 6 nails. The nails only fit in certain holes and if they screw up the nails and hit the buzzer then they will be eliminated! Jessie gets three nails and goes back to the puzzle. Amanda, Andy and Aaryn are moving along quickly!!! She moved really quickly and Aaryn won Power of Veto! She now had a few moments to decide to use it or not, but since she is HoH also, I am assuming things will remain the same on Big Brother 2013?

Strategy time before the Power of Veto Ceremony. Helen is in her ear and she tells her that Aaryn is amazing and that her, Amanda and Andy all owe her. Amanda and McCrae hug, so I guess that is their game play???

Time for the Veto Meeting on Big Brother 2013: wow, wow, wow!!!! She takes Jessie off the block and puts up Judd, since he has been playing her!!! She said she would be out next if she did not do this. Helen and Amanda’s paranoia about Judd won out and he is probably going home now!!!

Time for the vote and Judd says not all they hear is true and vote with your heart and he loves them all. I so don’t want Judd to go home!!! The live vote:

  • Amanda votes Judd
  • McCrae votes Judd
  • GinaMarie votes Judd
  • Andy votes Judd
  • Helen votes Judd
  • Elissa votes Judd
  • Jessie votes Judd

It is another unanimous vote and the second person eliminated tonight on Big Brother 2013 is Judd!!! Why all the tears and why say they reluctantly vote that way. Jessie even voted him out, so she just goes with what the house wants. And we have big tears from GinaMarie….again!

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