We should be in for an exciting hour tonight on Big Brother 2013, as we pick up where things left off last time on Big Brother 15. We have the HouseGuests standing on platforms and water spraying at them and balls flying at their faces. While this may sound and look like hell, I think quite a few of them enjoyed the moment and have been there before in their lives! We get a new Head of Household for Week 9 tonight and a jury member comes back into the game! Watch it with me during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and see who are the nominees for Week 9 on Big Brother 2013 tonight!

CBS drew out this competition for the jury members and remaining HGs so that it would go into the night and we would have to wait until tonight’s episode. The Live Feeds showed us all the action, but tonight we find out the answers for those that don’t watch the feeds or pay attention to any spoilers!

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You can catch up on all the happenings since the live eviction show over in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers, or just watch with us tonight in my Live Recap and see what CBS decides to show us!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap or see who got nominated for eviction by the HoH on Big Brother 15 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we are back and the HoH competition has started! Judd is saying he doesn’t trust Amanda and McCrae at al and they need to watch out if he comes back in. Amanda is angry about the jury members and wants none of them back. GinaMarie said she has been a Have-Not this week and is not worried about the water!

A look back at Helen’s eviction and no one messes with Amanda and Andy cries….again.

We have 20 minutes elapsed and Spencer and McCrae are down! That platform is moving in and out and it looks tricky! Candice said to not hurt her baby parts! Now some mascots come out to distract the players, but it does not work. Elissa takes the lead with four balls. Helen is giving the details to the fellow jurors, in case she does not win! Andy is worried about what Helen is saying and she is throwing him under the bus, but it is the truth!!!

He must have been too worried and he falls, so now it is down to Amanda up there for 3AM. Jessie now falls and gives a nice “”f*** you Amanda” as she walks out the door of Big Brother 2013. We have 49 minutes that have elapsed and Helen falls! I saw no hand and she left saying she loved everyone. If she was pushed, like the conspiracy theories suggest, she would have been blowing up!

Shortly after, Candice’s knee gives out and Judd is the winner and he is back in the Big Brother 2013 house! Aaryn is now freaking out since he is back in the house and she got him out. He states he wants to start a clean slate with everyone.

Elissa slips and falls on her butt on the platform, but holds strong and gets right back up! The platform is moving too much and it is too much for Judd and he falls! We are down to Elissa, GM and Amanda. Elissa has 8 balls, Amanda with 5 and GM with 3.

Amanda almost falls and pulls herself back up! Then Elissa just floats around for a little bit and no clue how she pulled herself back on the platform! She catches her final two balls and she is the new HoH for Week 9!!! Her first congratulatory hug comes from Judd!!!

Elissa and Judd are talking and she says she likes no one in the house, so he may be good to go! He says he is Switzerland!

Now Andy, GM and Aaryn are talking and she is freaking out! Tears from Aaryn and she thinks she is going home and has worked so hard! Yeah, but you screwed yourself girl! You had your chances, but you let Amanda call your shots!

Amanda now tries to work with Elissa and Elissa said she is 100% target on Aaryn, but she wants her to go home and wants someone to go up against her that is strong. McCrae or Amanda may go up and Amanda is freaking!

Now Elissa gets her HoH room and no one is excited and her basket has all healthy food and a yoga mat, so they are even more upset.

Amanda is feeling defeated since she can’t control Elissa’s HoH and McCrae is telling her to settle down. She thinks it is a bad idea to put McCrae or Amanda next to Aaryn if she wants Aaryn gone. The paranoia has begun folks!

Now McCrae, Amanda, Andy, Judd and Elissa talk in the HoH room and Amanda is throwing out some crap and she has helped Elissa from the beginning and blah. Amanda starts crying and is scared and Elissa said she wants everyone to be scared because that is how she feels every week on Big Brother 2013. McCrae put her up as a non-target and what is different here? Elissa said Amanda is target #2, so she is not backing down!

Aaryn takes a bottle of nail polish remover and drinks out of it! She said she thought it was a water bottle, so she is freaking. She did swallow some!

Judd comes into the HoH room and talks with Elissa, He said he trusts her more than anything. She said he is safe this week. They are both alone, so this alliance needs to happen!!! Will he stay to his word or working her over as the HoH?

Aaryn is now talking with Elissa and she is bringing on the tears and Elissa is not having it. Aaryn is begging. She knows that she has been working with Amanda and Elissa said she does not know what she is thinking. Elissa is torn between going after Aaryn or breaking up McCranda. What do you think???

Nomination Ceremony Time: Amanda goes as far as saying that this is Elissa’s world and they are all living in it….really??? Judd is safe (back in and first one safe). GinaMarie is safe. Spencer is safe. Andy is safe. Amanda is safe. That means the nominees are Aaryn and McCrae! She thinks McCrae is an awesome player and will rock at Veto and she hopes he wins it. She tells Aaryn that she has been after her since Week 1 and made her life a living hell in the house and now she knows how she felt! You go Elissa!!!

What do you think of Elissa’s nominees tonight on Big Brother 2013???

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