For all those haters of Big Brother 2013 out there (including myself at times), I am hoping that tonight on Big Brother 15 puts all that hate to rest and we can finally enjoy an exciting episode on CBS! Yes, the vote tonight should be predictable, but that is a given this season. Big Brother host Julie Chen promised us this game-changing twist last week, so make it happen Julie! One of the jury members (including tonight’s evictee) will compete in a competition to earn a spot back in the Big Brother 2013 house! Watch it all go down with me during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and see who got evicted on Big Brother 2013 tonight with us!

Big Brother 2013 - Nominees Week 8

Here is where things stand going into tonight: Helen and Spencer are on the block and Helen is the target. My predictions say it will be Helen and our poll has Helen with over 80% of the vote! It should be a given, but then the excitement begins!

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The jury members will be competing, but how will that work? Do they get their own competition and then go back in the house and compete for HoH for Week 9? Maybe they let the returning jury member be the HoH as well (we can dream)? Follow along with me in my Live Recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap or see who went home on Big Brother 15 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we see Julie Chen start the show and said all hell will break loose tonight with this jury competition, but is it a little over-exaggeration?

Helen and Elissa are hugging it out and now they head up to talk to Aaryn and GinaMarie and Helen said they need to work with Elissa, otherwise it is the Amanda and McCrae. Andy comes in and Helen tells him he needs to vote Spencer and America is rooting for them. He is getting pissed off that she is even questioning him. Aaryn said she is going to get crap for this conversation because it will get back to Amanda. Yup, Andy runs down to Amanda and tells her!!!

Helen knows that Andy is lying, so she goes and talks to McCrae about things. She is pushing to get Amanda out and said she is too pushy for him and feels bad for him. McCrae talks with Amanda and tells her that she feels attacked by Helen because she is a bully and blah blah. Is Amanda that naive? She doesn’t think she is a bully!

Now Elissa and Helen are working on GinaMarie and it makes no sense to me. GM even admits to not knowing where Spencer stands on things, but they know she can work with Helissa. They think Andy is a snake, so here it comes!

Helen and Elissa are going to attack Andy in the HoH room (Aaryn comes in). He said he is wavering. Helen said the jig is up and America is watching and he is the swing vote. If he votes Helen out then he has targets he has never had before! He is a scared little snake right now on Big Brother 2013!

Julie now talks with the HGs about the Have, Have-Nit competition and Amanda said she was scared and GM babbles on and on about being in the dark and Nick’s hat. Then we look at the Veto competition. Now time for the vote and Spencer and Helen get one more time to sway the votes. Helen misses her family and cries and this is a dream for her. Here are the votes:

  • McCrae votes Helen
  • Amanda votes Helen
  • Elissa votes Spencer
  • Andy votes Helen
  • GinaMarie votes Helen

It is not unanimous this week, but the votes are in and in a 4-1 vote, Helen has been eliminated on Big Brother 2013! Julie tells the HGs it is Helen and let the tears come! She tells Julie she has been questioning Andy’s loyalties the past couple weeks. She says when given the opportunity to take out big players then take it. She felt Judd was a bigger threat than Amanda because she doesn’t win. She thinks they made it all up in their mind about Judd and maybe he is not any of it….duh! She said if tears would get her there, then she will cry a river. The goodbye messages and you can see the closeness between Elissa and Helen….it is nice to see.

Julie then tells Helen she gets another chance to play, along with the other jury members and excitement is back in those eyes. Helen was a Have-Not and wants some food first!

We now take a look at the jury house and the jurors arrive. The house looks amazing and I’d live there. Candice is surprised that Judd came in, but then shocked when Jessie comes in a week later. They are gossiping and Judd is so funny. I do like him, but can he do anything? However, seeing this….these jurors know everything that is happening and who has been really gunning for them. I actually may be rooting for Judd now. He can win the comps, so go Judd!!! They know Amanda is the devil and take her down!!! This is so exciting!

The jury members are in the studio and Judd has brought the grizzly shirt back!!! Now time to break it to the HGs still in the house!!! Their faces will be priceless. They are for sure….and Amanda looks ticked. She needs a new game plan now!!! The jury members enter the house and hugs and screams all around, but will they all compete for the HoH together???

Julie states it will be the jury members competing to get back in the house and the HGs competing in the HoH competition all in one event! So, maybe the juror that lasts the longest remains in the game and then the overall winner is HoH. This is going to be good stuff!

Here we go folks: it is called “Off The Wall” and the playing field is divided into two. They are standing on planks. Balls will be thrown at them. First one to catch ten balls and they win, juror or not. The first juror to catch ten without falling is coming back into the game.

The plank is moving up and down and the first round and Jessie caught a ball! Now we get some broken sprinklers and water flying at the HGs! We go to commercial break, so it looks like this will be going to the Live Feeds tonight for the results!!!

To clarify, the HG that gets 10 calls first than they win HoH for Week 9. If it is not a juror, than they will continue until one of them gets 10 balls.

Second set of balls comes and Jessie gets another and has two and is leading. The water is being a real pain for them. This is going to go on for a while, so prepare yourselves! I will let you know when we have a winner!


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