Who is ready for an exciting and drama-filled episode of Big Brother 2013 tonight? I am and this should be a good one. We last saw Elissa put up her nominees for Week 9 on Big Brother 15, but does her main target change or did she have different plans this whole time? There is going to be a lot of game talk going on tonight and I think most of us will enjoy it! The Zingbot returns for the Power of Veto competition and I am sure he will have some great things to say about there HouseGuests! Watch it with me during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and see who are the final nominees for Week 9 on Big Brother 2013 tonight!

Big Brother 2013 - Episode 27

Like I stated, things ended last time on Big Brother 15 with the Nomination Ceremony and Aaryn and McCrae going on the block. Elissa and Aaryn have never gotten along and it seems she is determined to get rid of Aaryn, or is she really playing us all? We will find out tonight, but Elissa seems determined to not waste her HoH on getting rid of a weak player!

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With that being said, we have a lot in store tonight on Big Brother 2013: the Power of Veto Competition, the Veto Meeting, Zingbot returning, the house maybe shifting and Amanda taking on the torture approach with a certain HG! Watch it all with me in my Live Recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…more tears from Aaryn, as she says she has been doing the dirty work for everyone (i.e. Amanda) and she doesn’t know if they can save her. Doubtful! GinaMarie knows that Aaryn may go home and Elissa is HoH, so GM is being nice. Amanda overhears and she wants to punch GM with brass knuckles. Classy!

GM and Aaryn talk and GM tells her McCranda can’t win anything, so that is why they need her…ding ding ding! Amanda then talks with Elissa and Elissa is avoiding her questions, so she knows there is something going on. Elissa is in the Diary Room and thinking how amazing it would be to get Amanda out and new target: Amanda!!!

Elissa talks to Judd about backdooring Amanda and he is ecstatic! He goes to get Aaryn to go to the HoH room to talk to Elissa. She tells Aaryn that the target is to get Amanda now!!! They will work together to get Amanda out and always expect the unexpected Amanda!!! They are actually nice to each other, even if it is fake.

Time to pick players for the Veto Competition on Big Brother 2013: Elissa, Aaryn and McCrae will be playing. Elissa picks Amanda (and her face hides nothing…she is disgusted). McCrae picks Ginamarie (he is pissed because she will fight to take off Aaryn). Aaryn gets HG Choice and she picks Judd (this ticks off Amanda and questions her 3AM alliance loyalty).

Afterwards, Amanda questions Aaryn about picking Judd and that was a bad move. She thinks she should have picked Andy, but she tells her that he would not have taken her down. She is right, but Amanda thinks she went against the alliance. No, she went against what you wanted.

GM talks with Aaryn and it is great. She tells her to forget about Amanda and then Elissa joins in and they are determined to get Amanda out. Amanda then paces the house and tries to hear every conversation. Elissa and GM are in kitchen and she confronts them about talking about her. Things blow up and GM is not backing down and I love it. McCrae pulls Amanda out of the kitchen and Elissa tells GM to calm down. It was good stuff.

McCrae tells Amanda that was a bad move, so she goes to the HoH room to try to do damage control. She puts on this big act that she has been trying to protect Elissa the whole season and GM is fake. Amanda starts crying and Elissa starts laughing, which is hilarious! She has Amanda right where she wants her: feeling defeated and kissing butt on Big Brother 2013!

Here comes Zingbot: he tells McCrae he always wears shorts because Amanda wears the pants. GM has a Fatal Attraction with Nick. Andy is a pasty floater (and he hates it). He makes fun of Amanda’s tramp stamp and Aaryn is just mean and not acting and Elissa is a cheap imitation of her sister!

Veto Competition Time: they go out to the backyard and have a bridge to roll a ball over. They catch it on the other side and they get one point. First one to 250 wins, but drop a ball and go back to zero!

GM is starting strong and going fast. Amanda is taking the slow pace. Aaryn gets to 29 and drops a ball, so back to zero. GM gets to 51 and drops the ball! Amanda is at 101 and Judd at 91. Judd is having a hard time breathing…smoke another one! He then drops the ball and wants to give up. He is now puking, so he is out. Amanda is at 218 and GM at 207. It is a battle between GM and Amanda and Elissa cheers on GM to do it for Nick! It is close, but Amanda wins it in the end. It was by like 8 balls and GM dropped a ball at 51! Ugggghhh. The plan is gone because Amanda takes McCrae off the block and cannot go up herself, so McCranda is safe and Andy is scared!

Amanda and McCrae talk and Andy pops in. He thinks he might be the renom. Up in the HoH room and Elissa and Judd are talking and she is pissed that Amanda won and she doesn’t want to waste her HoH, but does not give any hints.

Elissa makes a joke to Amanda about throwing the Veto Competition to let Amanda win. She tried to push her buttons and it worked! Amanda goes on a huge rant and says some nasty things (a lot more were not just shown on CBS). She has gone psychotic and all the other HGs see it. She may be trying to torture Elissa, but she is ruining her own game at the same time…if she ever had a gam to ruin on Big Brother 2013.

So, Andy tried to work his magic and goes to the HoH room and says that he hates what Amanda is doing and feels bad for Elissa and know she has at least one friend. What they didn’t show? This was a plan that was thought of with Amanda to make Andy look good and not be the renom!

Veto Meeting Time: Amanda tells Elissa that no one comes between her and her man (Rachel’s line). Elissa gets up there and said Rachel would be disappointed that someone like her would use that line and puts Andy up on the block! Amanda gets up and calls Elissa trash and adjourns the meeting!

Andy then says in DR that he can’t work with McCranda any more and they must go. Is he serious? What do you think of the final nominees?

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