We are now into Week 10 on Big Brother 2013 and somehow these HouseGuests have let a power couple make their way this far into the season. Don’t they know that couples vote together and work together on Big Brother 15? No matter what, they are going to do what is best for each other, despite what they may tell you. McCranda needs to be taken down on Big Brother 2013, but will it happen this week? Find out during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and see who won HoH on Big Brother 2013 tonight with us!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - McCrae

Last time on Big Brother 2013, we saw Aaryn Gries evicted from the Big Brother 2013 house and a pretty good post-eviction interview with Big Brother host Julie ChenThe new HoH competition got started and the fun was only beginning to kick off. We all know that post-eviction/HoH competition nights are fun, so watch it with me tonight!

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You can catch up on all the happenings since the live eviction show over in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers, or just watch with us tonight in my Live Recap and see what CBS decides to show us!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap or see who got nominated for eviction by the HoH on Big Brother 15 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we go back to that HoH competition! Spencer is hoping one of The Exterminators win and Elissa sits and watches and hopes McCranda does not win or she is going home. Andy says that he needs to show his loyalty to The Exterminators and GM feels she is all alone now. We go back to Eviction Night and see Amanda apologize to Elissa for taunting her, but she really thinks Elissa was taunting her too.

McCrae is struggling with his long hair and it is bothering him. GM is moving along very nicely and has four eggs compared to Andy with three. Judd is struggling with this one. GM had a big lead, but then starts dropping some and Andy is catching up. She has this down and is moving along nicely and she gets the 12th egg and she wins HoH for Week 10. She says it was for Nick and Aaryn. For finishing in last place, Spencer and Judd will wear the chicken suits for 48 hours.

Elissa celebrates with GM afterwards and Amanda hugs GM and said now she can send the girl home that sent home her best friend. Amanda questions why Elissa is so happy and she just stares creepily. Amanda is clueless!

Amanda now stalks down GM and is so excited for her to send home the one that sent home Aaryn. She thinks GM is putting up Elissa and maybe Judd, but they are the targets. GM said she may be blonde and she may be cute, but she is not Aaryn and she is not Amanda’s puppet.

Elissa is excited to see Amanda and McCrae to both be on the block and get a taste of their own medicine….bitter!

Judd and Spencer get their chicken costume and Judd asks if we want beer-battered chicken! Then Amanda talks with GM and she said that Elissa will go on the block and maybe Judd, but then tells the camera that Amanda is crazy when Amanda walks out of the room. I like GM at this time!

GM gets her HoH room and the fighting starts again with Amanda and Elissa. Elissa is being over-the-top about things for GM, but it is to test Amanda’s buttons and it works. Amanda continues it downstairs and said that Elissa is laughing alone and will be on the block tomorrow night. She has no one in the house and she is being quite harsh. The funny thing: all this talk means nothing because GM is targeting McCranda, so it makes it funny for us to watch!

McCranda talk and he wants Amanda to let Elissa bully her and not say anything back to her when in front of GM. Amanda needs to be the victim. Now she cries and Elissa is so evil. Is Elissa getting a good edit or Amanda just that bad? Andy tells Elissa to just walk away every time Amanda tries to start something. So, Amanda tries to talk to Elissa later and Elissa walks out.

Now Amanda breaks down in the backyard and brings on the tears, but no one believes it. GM comes out and Amanda said she feels so bad and Elissa is so mean to her, but GM sees right through her and why is the bully crying on Big Brother 2013. I know GM said some terrible things early in the season, but is anyone else loving her the past couple weeks and especially as HoH so far?

The HGs were in lockdown in the HoH room and come out to the house full of balloons. It is a Luxury Competition and they have to find a “1” chip, “0” chip and “K” chip and the winner will get $10,000! They all go popping balloons like crazy. Amanda starts shaking to hear one of the chips. Spencer finds a chip, but keeps it to himself. McCrae finds on and then Judd finds one, but can’t find any more. He is running around like a chicken with his head cut off! Spencer gets the second and then finds the third chip and he wins $10,000! The HGs have to now pop all the balloons and clean up. These HGs cleaning on Big Brother 2013?

Now GM is holding her one-on-one meetings and Amanda keeps interrupting the one with Judd. She then gets her time with GM and puts up an alliance with her, McCrae and Andy and put up Elissa and Judd. GM plays with her and is going along with it, but she is playing them. The HGs are so excited to see the shock on McCranda’s face when they go on the block!

Before the ceremony, Amanda thinks it will be Elissa and Judd going up and she feels good and confident and triumphant. GM says the two people going up on the block are huge and should have been done weeks ago (duh), but she is the only one with balls to do it! Loving her right now!

Nomination Ceremony Time: Andy is safe. Spencer is safe. Elissa is safe. Judd is safe! McCrae has no expression  and Amanda looks like she is going to freak out. She struggles with saying dynamic and I still love her. She tells McCrae that he lost focus because of Amanda and wants him to get that fire back. She goes on to say Amanda is crazy, but that is why she loves her and the veto is up for grabs. We then get tears from both!

What do you think of GinaMarie’s nominations tonight on Big Brother 15?

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