There has been one common theme since the double eviction show on CBS last time on Big Brother 2013: let’s bash Elissa! Why these five remaining HouseGuests can’t move past it is beyond me, but they are so boring themselves that they tend to focus on the evicted HGs and how terrible they were, especially Elissa and her son! I know Andy teaches at a college, but he is still a teacher and should know better than to rip on kids. Anyway, watch the Elissa bashing with me during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and see who won HoH on Big Brother 2013 tonight for Week 11!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - The Exterminators

Who would have thought that both Amanda and Elissa would have walked through the doors and sat down with Big Brother host Julie Chen during the double eviction show last time? I had a feeling it could happen, but I was rooting for an Elissa win in the HoH or Veto competition. I wanted her to stay to mix things up and have a week to out Andy as a rat!

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You can catch up on all the happenings since the live double eviction show over in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers, or just watch with us tonight in my Live Recap and see what CBS decides to show us!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap or see who got nominated for eviction by the HoH on Big Brother 15 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Due to tennis coverage, CBS will be starting the show tonight at 8:51 pm EST, so I’ll be back then for the Live Recap!!!

Here we go…it looks like we might have an episode of a lot of recap and looking back at the double eviction night and the behind-the-scenes crap.

GM celebrates getting to send Amanda home. We see Andy trying to cover his butt and Elissa not even trying to convince people. So, McCrae thinks that Andy is lying and he can tell, but he feels he must put up Elissa to not make waves. Elissa is trying though. Why is everyone afraid of making waves??? Andy thinks it is going as planned, but McCrae knows you are lying but too afraid to do anything!

Is anyone else annoyed by Andy here? I could slap him and he needs to go. I wish people could see this crap! We now get some tears from McCrae and upset Amanda is gone and he is not rolling over. Is it bad I am rooting for McCrae to win now on Big Brother 2013.

Now we see GM dancing and celebrating, but she should watch her celebrating. It will not go well for her. Now Spencer is trying to keep the “Andy voted out Spencer and not Amanda” lie going strong. He calls him out in front of McCrae and McCrae thinks it is just the three of them versus GM and Judd now. Stupid McCrae!

HoH Competition: it looks like a video game. McCrae cannot compete. They will get a pixelated image on the screen of a previous competition this season. Once they figure it out, they then have to put a puzzle together of the face of the HG that won. Slowest one each round is out. The winner will be also giving out special gifts!

Round 1: It is the baby carousel and Jeremy won it, which they all know. GM is working on the floor to make it easier to move the pieces around. Judd is done first, but his puzzle is not correct. He fixes it and is done. Spencer completes and then GM, so Andy is out.

Round 2: the roulette competition and GM is done first. Judd is almost done, but screws up the hair again! He then gets very angry and yelling as Spencer finishes and Judd is eliminated!

Final Round: the Big Brother Express competition and Helen won it. Spencer gets done first and he is the new HoH for Week 11 on Big Brother 2013. He feels good, since he won’t be on the block this week.

McCrae feels better with Spencer winning, but he is still feeling alone. Time for Spencer to give out the gifts: GM and McCrae get the gift of friendship and will be tied together by a friendship bracelet for the next 24 hours; Andy gets the gift of wealth, where he will get a chance to win up to $5,000; Judd gets the gift of health and will have to exercises whenever the whistle blows.

It is a drill sergeant voice telling him what to do. Spencer explains to GM why he put her with McCrae and he didn’t want Judd to get close with McCrae.

GM makes a funny: she said she feels bad for McCrae with this because he just lost his ball and chain with Amanda getting evicted and now he has to deal with her!

Spencer gets his HoH room and we see pictures of Spencer without a beard! He looks so much younger!!! Spencer reads his letter from his girlfriend and in the middle of it: whistle and 15 jumping jacks for Judd, the dirtbag!

McCrae is now going to work this situation of being tied with GM and he presents a Final 2 deal. She seems giddy about it and is playing it off well, but McCrae thinks they have a Final 4 deal and he is smarter than we all think. GM says this is why he must go on Big Brother 2013 and be exterminated!

Middle of the night and Judd is still getting the whistles! He is in the Diary Room and complaining about it and gets more whistles!!! The drill sergeant says once he is done with him maybe he won’t be J-U-Double Chin anymore! The whistles continue and Judd is getting annoyed!

Time for Andy to get his gift, so he is able to break open three piggy banks. The total is what he gets to take home. First pig: $85. Second pig: $9! Last pig: 0.83, so he wins $94.83 and I am so happy!

Now GM and McCrae try to get some alone time with Spencer, but haven’t because of their friendship bracelet. GM goes in HoH room and McCrae sits outside the door. Of course, Andy comes up to talk to McCrae outside the door….ugh.

McCrae gets some time and when he is going in Andy asks if he can shower while they talk (I hate him) and McCrae said give him some time. Spencer reassures him that he is safe, but will go on the block next to GM. McCrae is worried though about Spencer, Andy and Judd working together on Big Brother 2013.

Nomination Ceremony: Spencer kicks it off and whistle blows and 17 squats for Judd! Back to the nominations: Judd is safe. Andy is safe. That means McCrae and GinaMarie are on the block. Spencer said that he can’t trust McCrae and that GM put him on the block twice, so his hands are tied.

What do you think of the nominations from Spencer for Week 11 on Big Brother 2013?

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