Hold onto your seats for tonight’s live eviction show on CBS for Big Brother 2013 because we have another Double Eviction night in the Big Brother 15 house and things are going to move fast, but will it end how we all want it to? Big Brother host Julie Chen will be rushing the HouseGuests through a week’s worth of events that all leads to two HGs being evicted and joining the jury house! This is going to be good, so watch with me during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on Big Brother 15 tonight with us!

Big Brother 2013 - Week 10 Eviction Show

We saw everything play out last night on Big Brother 2013 and my Big Brother 2013 spoilers have filled us in on everything that has happened since that Veto Meeting. I am dying to see what they show us tonight and what happens with the first vote. I honestly think that Elissa has been messing with Amanda all week and it was a plan she came up with. Am I wrong?

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We will start with a look back at some of the events since Veto Meeting (and maybe the fight between Amanda and GinaMarie) and then the voting begins. I made my predictions earlier and our Big Brother poll has 92% of viewers voting for one HG to get evicted. Check those out and follow along in my Live Recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap or see who went home on Big Brother 15 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…tonight is the 500th episode of Big Brother. How many of you have seen every episode???

Julie Chen is in place and let’s look at things since that Veto Meeting. Seven times for Spencer. Come on, people! Amanda still thinks Elissa should have gone up and now GM has people gunning for her next week. Amanda said it is stupid and GM is jealous of her relationship with McCrae and Nick is gone and GM stands her ground!

Amanda puts the idea out there for Elissa to keep her in the house. She has tortured her and thinks there is no way, but gives her safety to the end. For some reason, Elissa goes with it and they exchange jewelry as collateral. Andy comes in and they want to do a Final 4 with him, Elissa and McCranda. Andy is shaking in his boots.

McCrae said to not get her hopes up and Andy is telling Judd and Spencer about the plan and Spencer could be the target now. He is freaking out, but Andy knows he is about to be outed this week!!! Amanda is getting her hopes up!

Julie Chen talks with the HGs and tells them it is the 500th episode and they will be taking part in a Double Eviction! Spencer and Amanda get to sway the votes one more time. No big words from either of them and blah blah and now here comes the vote. How will Elissa vote??? I am so intrigued to see this!

  • Judd votes to evict and exterminate Amanda
  • McCrae votes to evict Spencer
  • Elissa votes to evict Spencer!!!
  • Andy votes to exterminate….err, evict Amanda!

We have a first this summer! We have a tie and GinaMarie has the deciding vote! Amanda whispers she loves McCrae before GM makes her vote. GM puts on Nick’s hat and said nothing personal, but Amanda get da stepping! So, this season was fixed for Amanda to win, huh??? Amanda walks out the door and tells Andy she thought she could trust him. He said she could and is freaking out!!!

Amanda walks out to cheers/boos and she guesses people don’t like her. Amanda has the wedding ring and will keep it if it is real! She tried to out Andy’s game at the end if he did vote her out. Julie said people called her a bully and Amanda said she was just being honest. She said she could have been nicer to people and regrets the Elissa torturing. She said she is not a Jordan. She says McCrae and her are real and he is moving to Florida and he wants a Sugar Momma! Elissa will be getting her ring back and she is mad at Andy!

We now have the HoH competition: it is called “Go Fetch!” and the HGs will run through a doghouse and dig and find two dog bones. They will bring one bone back at a time and first to bring back both dog bones and then go retrieve their key and ring in is the new HoH.

McCrae, Elissa and Judd all have one key. Andy and Spencer have none! McCrae gets the second bone. Returns it to his bowl and gets the key and rings the bell and he is new HoH! This is going to get interesting now, huh? To be honest, I don’t mind McCrae and think Amanda hurt him. He started great and then got wrapped up in her. Do I want him to win, hell no. He will then never get rid of Amanda! I am intrigued to see him work on his own and if Elissa gets to him and tells him she voted for Spencer then we could see Andy as the target!

Nomination Ceremony Time: McCrae puts up GinaMarie and Elissa! Why Elissa? She should be in his ear right now telling him that she voted out Spencer, unless he is planning a backdoor of Andy? This is so intense!

Power of Veto Competition: only six HGs remain on Big Brother 2013, so all of them will participate. The competition is called “The BB 500” and they will move a car through a maze and first one down wins Veto.

McCrae and Judd seem to be moving fast. Spencer is struggling. Andy is doing really well, but he could be in the wrong track! The last person I want to win is Andy!!! Judd is right at the end and he has won the Power of Veto! Now will he use it? Doubtful since he doesn’t want anyone but Elissa up there. He is looking for McCrae though and this could be interesting!

We have some drama and Andy is blaming Elissa for things and everyone knew and Elissa knew, but she denies it. I don’t know what they are talking about.

Veto Meeting: Elissa said she did not know about the backdoor. GM said she had no idea and he won it fair and square. Judd chooses not to use the Veto, so the nominations stay the same on Big Brother 2013. It looks like Elissa is leaving tonight and we are stuck with Andy for another week.

Time to vote and Elissa said she didn’t lie to Judd and never nominated Spencer and never lied to Andy and GM has more votes in jury. GM is loyal she says. Time for the vote:

  • Spencer votes to evict Elissa
  • Judd votes to evict and exterminate Elissa
  • Andy votes to evict Elissa

The votes are in and another unanimous vote and Elissa has been evicted from Big Brother 2013. She made it further than I thought she would.

She talks with Julie and said she thought McCrae voted Amanda out because Andy looked shocked! She made it further than her sister did on her first time on the show.

So, coming up on Big Brother 15 on CBS: Sunday night we have the HoH winner (I’ll have the spoilers later tonight when it is done), Wednesday is a special eviction night and the Final 4 will be in place and then on Thursday we will have another eviction and the Final 3 will be in place!!!


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