If you happen to ignore all the Big Brother 2013 spoilers that I provide for you daily and wait for the new episodes on CBS each week, then you are in for a treat tonight on Big Brother 15! Week 2 has been full of drama and game play for the remaining Big Brother 2013 HouseGuests and we get to see it all go down tonight. From the winner of Big Brother MVP for Week 2 to the results from the Power of Veto Competition for Week 2 and the Week 2 Veto Ceremony, find it all tonight on Big Brother 15! Watch along with me during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap that follows!

Big Brother 2013 - Episode 6

CBS switched schedules again, so we didn’t have a new episode last night and tonight is not the live eviction show on Big Brother 2013. They are catching us up on everything that has happened since Aaryn, the Head of Household for Week 2, put up Elissa and Helen as her two nominees last time. The drama has continued and alliances have been shifting in every direction.

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We are definitely in for an eventful, but maybe predictable eviction show tomorrow, but let’s watch it all go down together in my Live Recap below! And we get a special guest appearance by Britney Hayneswho came to deliver her baby in the Big Brother 15 house???


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…can Candice and Helen figure this all-guy alliance out? And can Helen not join forces with Aaryn please?

I agree Elissa. She is making waves in the house? I think Aaryn is making waves and needs to go! Breakdown time for Helen, as her and Elissa talk about their nomination. They both have to be safe, right? Candice comes in and she knows that there is an all-guy alliance and they have Aaryn doing their dirty work….so true!

Helen heads to the HoH Room and talks with Aaryn. She thinks they can work down the road, but why Aaryn? Can’t she work with someone else on Big Brother 15?

It has happened again and Elissa has won MVP for Week 2! They wanted someone to go against Aaryn and her nominees, so smart move America! They want Jeremy out, but they don’t know if they just nominate Jeremy right away or wait for the their nominee to win PoV and then backdoor Jeremy. I say put Kaitlin up and then backdoor Jeremy, but will that happen???

Now GinaMarie and her love for Nick. It started with Jessie and she somehow disappeared from the game and now it is time for GinaMarie to flirt and he has no interest, but she doesn’t even have a clue. She could put his head in between her boobs and no interest!

Time for the Power of Veto Competition and time to pick the players, but first we must find out who the MVP put up for nomination and it is Jeremy! Kaitlin looks pissed! The players for the PoV are Aaryn, Elissa, Helen, Jeremy, Amanda and Nick. GinaMarie will host this week.

GinaMarie is talking with Nick and wants him to throw it so Elissa can win and keep everything like is. Now Elissa talks with Nick and asks him to throw it and Helen and Elissa will have a better chance, but if they lose he won’t be put up on the block. She said if he loses it then he will be off the block for two weeks, but if Jeremy wins and Nick tried then she will put him on the block. She is using some power here people!

Another breakdown from Helen on Big Brother 2013 and Howard comes in and we get a prayer. Helen can rely on Howard and he is a good base for her, but is he screwing her over this week?

Time for the Veto Competition and here comes a special message from Britney Haynes from Big Brother fame. She is pregnant and due any day now and needs help putting together her baby room. The players will put together a baby mobile and hang ten stuffed animals on the mobile  without touching the ground and then hit the nightlight to win Veto. Andy said it is fitting, since he is in a house with a bunch of babies.

Does Nick not realize that he is gay? Amanda wants to beat Jeremy to see him cry. Jeremy’s muscles keep getting in the way…his words. All of Amanda’s animals are on there and she goes to hit the buzzer, but then two of the bears are touching….twice! Get it together Amanda. Jeremy finally figures out to put the big weight on top and he is moving fast. Elissa is struggling, so it is on Helen to save them. She is almost done and so is Jeremy, but he gets done first and wins Veto and we have to hear him talk some more….shoot me!

Time for a lovefest between Jeremy and Kaitlin on Big Brother 2013 and she is sure that she is going on the block now and the same thing will happen to her, like what happened to David. Kaitlin said Elissa has a personal vendetta against Jeremy (well, he did wipe his butt with her hat, so I think she deserves to)!

Now Jeremy starts giving orders to the Moving Company: either vote out Elissa or he is not in the alliance any more. Well, none of them are having it and not liking him trying to take over the group…please kick Jeremy our of the Moving Company, especially since he didn’t even vote with you all!!!

Candice talks with Elissa and wants the boys to be the focus and she thinks that Nick and Jeremy are in an alliance and they need to target Nick. She doesn’t want to go against her word, but she feels this is all she can do. Kaitlin is the better choice!!! Remember when Elissa said she can’t tell anyone that she won MVP this week???

Elissa talks with Nick and wants to know if he will vote for her if he puts Kaitlin up and he can’t answer her and he is not a good liar!

Veto Meeting: Jeremy uses the PoV on himself, so now the MVP will renom someone else. That person would be Nick! Not a smart move Elissa and now GinaMarie looks scared and so does the Moving Company, but was it a bad move?

We find out tomorrow with the live eviction show. Who do you think will go home on Big Brother 2013 this week?

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