In a summer that seemed to last 365 days instead of the normal 90 days, this has been one never-ending season of Big Brother 2013 and we have finally arrived at the Big Brother 15 finale night and time to vote for the winner of Big Brother 2013. Doesn’t it seem like forever ago that we all sat and patiently waited for the premiere and to meet these 16 new HouseGuests? Now we can’t wait to get rid of them! Watch the winner be crowned with me tonight during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and see who won Big Brother 2013 tonight with us!

Big Brother 2013 - Final 3

Since Big Brother 15 has been so bad to watch at times, I am hoping Survivor: Blood vs Water can bring back the excitement again, which I happened to just finish my live recap for! Now we have to get through one more episode and we will have put an end to this season and hopefully CBS brings us new life for Big Brother 16.

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We do have things to look forward to tonight, like most importantly Big Brother 2 winner Dr. Will Kirby making a visit to the jury house. How intense will that get? How many of the ladies won’t be listening to a word he says, but instead trying to start a showmance with him? The Live Recap is below, so follow along!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap or see who got nominated for eviction by the HoH on Big Brother 15 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…a look back at everything and the drama and the battles and fights and challenges and let’s do this! Big Brother host Julie Chen is in place and we see the HGs. Andy has shorts on and a plaid shirt and bow tie….ugh. Spencer has jeans on and GM is all done up!

Back to Part 1 of the final HoH and time to see who stays skating the longest. Spencer is flying all over the place and GM is making it look SO easy! They speed it up and Spencer is down and out! They add bubbles and foam! Andy gets it together and GM is starting to struggle. She holds on long enough for Andy to fall and she wins Part 1 of the final HoH competition and her comes the glitter and she makes a glitter angel on the ground! She moves on to Part 3 of the final HoH!

Part 2 of the HoH competition: it is a battle between Andy and Spencer and it is the bottom of the ocean. They must harness down to the sand and find crabs of all the evicted HGs this season on Big Brother 2013 and put them in order. They do it separately and the eon done quickest will win.

Andy is up first and he complains about everything hurting. He has all the crabs, but Candice and can’t find it. He finally finds it and rings in and he screwed up! Helen and Aaryn are in the wrong spot, so now he must go fix it. He fixes it and is done, so now time for Spencer. He decides to go with finding all the crabs first and then climbing the wall one at a time. He is struggling big time, but digs deep and now he thinks he is flying through it. He gets done and it correct!

Results are in: Andy got it in 21:54 and Spencer did it in 36:11 and Andy wins Part 2 of the final HoH competition on Big Brother 2013. Now Spencer has to convince them they have a harder time beating each other and should take him.

Andy said he would take GM if he won and now we see GM struggling big time with her decision. She wants to take Andy because he deserves it more than Spencer and she is real sincere. This is a big choice for her, if she did win.

Here comes Dr. Will with the jury house! They find out McCrae got evicted and joins them. Candice does not like Amanda and that’s it and she is not in Candi-land. They seem to be pro-GinaMarie. Dr. Will said Candice will be voting on character. Aaryn said her and Candice have gotten close and Dr. Will asked if she made her house in the jury house!!! This is a funny segment and who knows what way they will vote. I think GM gets the most votes if she makes it. What do you think? Dr. Will said they need to vote on their own and not what anyone tells them. Remember that one McCrae!

Part 3 of the final HoH competition: they have to answer how the jurors would complete the sentence.

Question 1: Candice’s most shocking moment was when Aaryn flipped the mattress on her and both are correct.

Question 2: Most irritating moment for Jessie and they were both wrong.

Question 3: Most uncomfortable moment for Helen and Andy gets it right.

Question 4: Romantic night for Aaryn and both are correct, so Andy leads 3-2.

Question 5: Moment Amanda is afraid for family to see and Andy is right, so he has a 4-2 lead….ugh.

Question 6: Person Elissa was shocked by and GM is correct, so a 4-3 lead for Andy!

Question 7: Biggest regret for Judd and both are wrong, so 4-3 still.

Question 8 (final question): Best thing about being in the house for McCrae and both are correct and Andy wins the final HoH competition and now he has to decide who he wants to sit next to! Who do you think it will be?

Time for Andy to make the big decision on Big Brother 2013. He is guaranteed $50,000, so ugh. He says he has loyal with his word to Spencer, but he gave his word to GM on Night 1 and he votes to evict Spencer!!! I am shocked and we still have hope for GM!!!

Why are we still hearing GM and Andy while Julie talks to Spencer??? He said he felt Andy would do it and he was very loyal to GM. He didn’t think he would be around this long, but he joins the jury now.

Here comes the jury, as the fate of the winner lies in their hands! Everyone is dressed up but McCrae! Put on some nice clothes people! Helen thinks Andy would be a wise choice because if he made it to the end he would probably have the most votes.

Amanda asks what GM’s biggest game move was besides getting Amanda out and she said that was her biggest game move. Same question for Andy and he babbles on and said aligning with McCranda and he is kissing butt. He is a better talker and might win on that.

The way this jury is going and laughing at Andy and he loves them so much, so I think he is the winner. Let’s make this a drinking game: every time Andy says he loves them all then we drink. By the time this is done we would all be passed out and no one would have to see him win, right? Andy said he made a deal with GM on Night 1 and playing the loyalty card.

Andy and GM get one more time to state their case to the jury. GM is talking and talking and Amanda looks annoyed. Andy is talking and Spencer looks pissed on Big Brother 2013. Amanda still looks annoyed.

Time for the jury to vote and they insert the key of the person they want to win. Candice loves and respects this person, so she is voting for Andy. Jessie is voting for the person who she thinks played the most consistent game. Helen is voting on the best game she wish she could have played. Aaryn said this person has always been there for her and she has to be there for them. Amanda for the best person and the best player in this game. Elissa is voting for the flawless social game and made deal with everyone. Judd says may the best Exterminator win. McCrae wants the winner to buy drinks and Spencer voting for the best player of the game.

Who do you think wins? The other HGs return after this.

Julie tells Amanda that America was MVP when she was nominated. She didn’t think she was hated by America. Howard said he was shocked at the severity of how America takes the comments. He prays the people grow from this and there is a change from the inside out. Julie said it made national headlines, but then asks Spencer? He asks if he said anything and Julie said we don’t have the time right now! Yes we do Julie!

America’s Favorite Player results coming up with Top 3 finishers and we go to commercial break with GM screaming Nicholasssss!

Time to reveal the jury votes:

  • Spencer votes Andy
  • McCrae votes Andy
  • Judd votes GinaMarie
  • Elissa votes Andy
  • Amanda votes Andy
  • Aaryn votes GinaMarie
  • Helen votes Andy

I am surprised by Judd’s vote, but we have our winner folks. Andy Herren is the winner of Big Brother 15 and GM gets a big hug from Nick, so she doesn’t care!

The Top 3 vote-getters for America’s Favorite HouseGuest were Elissa, Judd and Howard. The winner is Elissa, so she gets $25,000 and Andy should be killing himself, right? Seems like a waste since he just won $500,000!

What do you think of the results tonight on Big Brother 2013?

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