Saddle up and get ready, as we enter territory on a special eviction show on Big Brother 2013 and The Exterminators will have to exterminate one of their own tonight on Big Brother 15. When they go to vote, do you think they will be so excited and say they vote to evict and exterminate that HouseGuest??? I used to enjoy some of the HGs in The Exterminators, but that was until they became a part of that alliance. Team McCrae now, so let’s hope for good things tonight! Watch  with me during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and see who got voted off on Big Brother 2013 tonight!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Week 11 Eviction

If you only watch the shows on CBS, you have no clue of what is about to happen tonight or who the final nominees are! This eviction show was taped yesterday, so the Live Feeds have been down and no one knows what has happened. My predictions and our poll both are leaning towards a certain HG, but they could always change their minds!

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Get caught up on everything BB with my Big Brother 2013 spoilers, but we should see the Veto competition and meeting tonight and then the eviction and then jump into a new HoH competition and Nomination Ceremony. Hold on folks, we are in for a quick one tonight on Big Brother 15!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap or see who went home on Big Brother 15 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we are kinda live tonight, even though they taped it yesterday! We start back with GM and McCrae on the block after the Nomination Ceremony. GM is the pawn, but can McCrae win the veto to save himself?

GM is trying to sell it big time with McCrae around, but now in the HoH room are Judd, Spencer and Andy and if McCrae wins veto then Judd would go up as the renom. Andy and Spencer act like this is okay, but one of them has to go home.

Judd still has his punishments and GM and McCrae are tied up. Judd gets 75 situps and makes it through them and is dismissed from his punishment. Now we see GM and McCrae and they shower together and take dumps together on Big Brother 2013, but they are free now too!

Is anyone sick of Andy and Spencer being together all the time? Do they have a secret friendship bracelet? They tell McCrae he is safe and a Final 3 with them.

Power of Veto Competition: the HGs are all in their capes and superhero outfits. Hosting tonight: Big Brother Season 14 winner Ian Terry. The HGs will be flying around and putting a puzzle together. They hit the buzzer and have 20 seconds to fly back and grab pieces and out them on the board. If they don’t hit the buzzer within the 20 seconds then the board is no longer magnetized and all the pieces fall off! If they don’t get back within 20 seconds, then they have 10 seconds to get back to hit buzzer or out of the game.

GM is doing really well a lot, but she keeps missing the 20 second timer and her pieces keep falling. McCrae gets very close, but misses the buzzer and all his pieces fall!!! Judd is getting angry and he is not a fan of puzzles and he is not good. Judd gives up and starts helping Andy! Spencer is pissed because he is HoH and should be helping him since he puts up the renom! It comes down to Andy and McCrae, but McCrae gets it done first and he wins Power of Veto!!! Now two of The Exterminators are on the block and one of their own is going home! GM hurt herself during the comp and needs stitches.

Spencer and GM are talking now and he wants to keep GM over Judd and he quit the comp when he came back into the house for a second chance. GM said that is weak. Spencer than has the same conversation with Judd on Big Brother 2013 and he questions why Spencer won’t even consider putting up Andy. We all question that too!

Judd then loses it and is letting his freaking out get to him and Andy says he is nervous and because of Judd’s actions, he might have to be the first one to get exterminated. Like this wasn’t going to happen anyway?

Veto Meeting: McCrae does take himself off the block and Spencer puts Judd up as the renom. CBS did not show The Exterminators trying to convince McCrae to use the veto on GM and keep himself on the block and they would vote out Judd. Judd then stops the Veto Meeting and says he has been after McCrae since he came back and he will be after him, but the other HGs think he is crazy!

America’s Favorite HouseGuest has been announced and voting is now open. You can vote here on CBS and the winner of the $25,000 will be announced during the finale! Who you voting for?

Time for the vote and eviction on Big Brother 15. GM said Julie looks beautiful tonight and then babbles on and on again. Judd said he can guarantee a spot in Final 3 for Spencer and Andy and will tell them later. He won’t help McCrae, but hopes he gets his vote tonight. What??? Time for the vote:

  • Andy (with tears again) votes to evict Judd
  • McCrae votes to evict Judd

With a 2-0 vote, the HG evicted from Big Brother 2013 tonight has been Judd Daugherty. He whispers something in McCrae’s ear as he leaves and then says he will be voting for Spencer and Andy in the end! He tells Julie he left a message in McCrae’s bible for him for inspiration and that he was messing with their minds and he thinks GM deserves to win this. He said it is hard to work with Elissa and she had to go. He said they trust GM more than him and they probably should. Judd is funny and will be missed again!

For the away messages, Andy cries and said he was his best friend in the house and Judd laughs! He said he has never seen a guy cry so much! And hopes he doesn’t get his eyes scratched out by all the ladies in the jury house!

HoH Competition: it is “Before or After” and the HGs will have to answer questions on events in the house and if they answered before or after the second event.

Question 1: everyone correct

Question 2: GM is only one correct and ahead 2-1

Question 3: everyone correct and GM leads 3-2

Question 4: everyone correct and GM leads 4-3

Question 5: everyone correct and GM leads 5-4

Question 6: McCrae is right, so tied with GM with 5 and Andy has 4

Question 7: Andy is correct and all are tied with 5!

Tiebreaker question and Andy is closest and he wins HoH for the week. Ugghhhh….I guess the Big Brother 2013 spoilers were correct. Shoot me! We are stuck with him for Final 3 and now Veto is huge!

We get the nominees from Andy tomorrow night and the final Veto Competition of the season and another HG goes home. We also will get a look into the all-female jury house as they welcome Judd!

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