Here we go folks: we may finally arrive at some excitement in the Big Brother 2013 house, as the Live Feeds have gone down for a day now and that means they taped the eviction episode for tonight and we are already down to the Final 4 on Big Brother 15! We find out tonight on CBS who was evicted for Week 11, but before then I will make my Big Brother 2013 predictions for Week 11. Check them out in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Week 11 Nominees

If you only watch the shows on CBS, then you might not want to read ahead because I am going to give some major Big Brother 2013 spoilers. You were left seeing Spencer put McCrae and GinaMarie on the block last time on Big Brother 2013. A lot has happened since then!

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We have had the Power of Veto competition and Veto Meeting and have our final nominees for the week of Judd and GinaMarie. We will see all that action tonight, but then also see a special taped eviction show from yesterday. When the show ends, the Live Feeds come back and we are ready to see where things stand for the next live eviction on Thursday night!

For tonight’s taped eviction on Big Brother 2013, it should be Judd going home. The Exterminators feel he is more dangerous than GM and he could possibly work with McCrae if left in the house. So, Judd will walk through those doors for a second time and through the jury house doors one more time!

Who do you think is going home tonight?

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