With the elimination of the Big Brother MVP twist, we are now seeing only two nominees for the week on Big Brother 2013 for the first time this season. These HouseGuests are still sticking to their guns and voting out the weakest players every week on Big Brother 15 and I guess wanting one big war when it comes to the Final 4 or 6. With that being said, check out my Big Brother 2013 predictions below on how I think it will go down tonight on Big Brother 2013!

Big Brother 2013 - Week 7 Nominees

We saw the drama at the Veto Competition last night on Big Brother 15, as Amanda came up with a plan for Helen to win the veto over Jessie and not use it so they can send Jessie home. Mind you that Spencer is on the block too, but they expect him to follow along with them and throw it and remain on the block. He was not liking that idea and ruined the plan, which took out Helen and they were all furious. Why? God forbid someone go against the house’s plan for anything!

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Like I said, here are the final nominees for Week 7 on Big Brother 2013:

  • Jessie Kowalski
  • Spencer Clawson

Despite her efforts to wreak havoc this week in the Big Brother 2013 house, Jessie should will be going home tonight because that is what the house wants and no one can grow a pair and go against the big dogs.

While it may be a normal unanimous vote tonight, I am looking forward to some things tonight:

  1. I want to see all the fights with Jessie and see what CBS shows us.
  2. I want to see who wins the HoH for Week 8, which is so crucial. Is it weird, but I am rooting for a Spencer win tonight?

Who do you think is going home tonight?

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