With the Big Brother MVP twist gone, it seems like the excitement in the Big Brother 2013 house has died down. Yeah, I know that the MVP nominee never went home (damn you house for not sending home Amanda after we voted her on the block two weeks in a row), but at least a third person on the block brought out the paranoia and fun times in the house. Now we are stuck with HGs that do whatever their masters tell them to do! Find out what that is during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap tonight and see who are the final nominees for Week 7 on Big Brother 15 are!

Big Brother 2013 Live Recap - Episode 21

We saw Andy’s nominees last time on Big Brother 2013 and tonight we start off at that Nomination Ceremony and see how the HGs react to his selection of Jessie and Spencer (zzzzzzzzzz).

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What to expect tonight: the Power of Veto competition and then ending the hour with the Power of Veto ceremonyThe rest should be filler of Amanda and McCrae fighting about something and then kissing and making up, Helen being Helen and maybe GinaMarie talking about how Candice did her wrong? My live recap is below!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…Jessie wants to win Veto this week and put up Amanda as a big game move…yeah right! Helen wonders if Andy is with McCranda or is he with her? Spencer wants to be fun and jolly this week and make no waves. Andy then pulls Spencer aside and tells him he is safe this week and doesn’t need to worry. Jessie then talks to Andy and he tells her that she is safe too. Well, everyone is safe this week, huh?

Amanda, Aaryn, Andy and McCrae solidify their alliance on Big Brother 2013 and they will be called 3AM. Amanda thinks they can make it to the Final 4 and then get rid of Andy and Aaryn and then it is her and her pizza boy.

Helen talks with Andy and she is worried about his nominations and he is playing it safe. She talks with Elissa and they think it was a safe move and they need to go after Amanda and McCrae. Speaking of them, they talk with Andy and Amanda wants them to make a fake alliance with Helen for Final 3 and that way she would not go after her own alliance members and then Amanda wouldn’t be on the block with McCrae if it did come to that. She can be smart, but why does she have to do it in her underwear???

The next day arrives and McCrae sits down with Helen to try and lay the bait for the fake alliance. I think Helen is too smart for this, don’t you agree? She has played everyone in the house, so she can play McCrae and get them thinking that way. She seems to believe McCrae, but is it the truth?

Time to pick the players on the Power of Veto competition on Big Brother 2013. They will be Andy, Jessie, Spencer, Helen, Elissa and Amanda. McCrae will be the host and does some funky dance and Amanda is embarrassed! Amanda and then Elissa come in and McCrae thinks it will be the hold ’em and fold ’em challenge and they want to all fold and let Helen win. They run it by Spencer and he seems to be okay with it, but he knows he needs to keep himself safe. He is playing everyone too!

Time for the Veto Competition: they go to the backyard and McCrae was right and it is a counting game! They have a few minutes to get a look at the Blood, Bolts and Bandages movie. They have to earn three movie tickets and answer questions based on numbers. If you stay and are closet to the answer than you win a movie ticket. If you stay and lose than you are eliminated.

Round 1: everyone folds but Helen (according to the plan) and Helen gets a ticket. Spencer would have earned the ticket had he stayed and he looks pissed!

Round 2: everyone folds but Helen again and she wins the second movie ticket. Elissa would have earned the ticket had she stayed.

Round 3: Helen and Spencer stay, so he ruined the plan! He earns a movie ticket and eliminates Helen!!! And everyone is pissed at him, but he is looking out for himself just like everyone else!

Round 4: Amanda, Elissa and Andy stay. Andy wins the ticket and Amanda is eliminated for being the furthest away and she is pissed and now not sure if she wants Jessie gone on Big Brother 2013.

Round 5: Jessie, Andy and Elissa stay. Elissa wins the movie ticket and Jessie is furthest away and is eliminated.

Round 6: they all have one ticket, so whoever wins this question wins Veto! Elissa folds…yup, there are no more rounds and she folds. She isn’t the brightest one in the house! Andy wins the last ticket and he wins the Power of Veto and apparently proves that he is a force to be reckoned with in competitions?

Now Spencer goes against the houses plan (how dare he), so now he is on the radar of Andy, Amanda and McCrae. They are in the HoH room and Spencer comes in and he does some damage control. Will it work though? He said if he won the veto he would not have used it and they all laugh. Amanda and Andy said they need to keep an eye on him and he is full of shit, but isn’t she too?

Jessie tries to pitch to Andy that he is on the bottom of the totem pole of the powers-that-be, so he should go after Amanda and then he would rise up the pole (sounds dirty when saying that regarding Andy)!

Now Helen approaches McCrae and tells him they need to get rid of Amanda before Final 4. This scares McCrae and now Helen is on their target!

3AM meets in the HoH room and they want to get Helen out at their first opportunity, but Aaryn seems hesitant on it. Andy said he could use the veto to backdoor a power player, but we all know better!

Veto Meeting on Big Brother 2013: he gives them both a chance to tell him why they should use it on them. Spencer makes a joke and Andy is a little offended, but I think it was funny! Andy does not use the veto (first time this season it has not been used)! So, the final nominees are Jessie and Spencer.

Who do you want to see go home this week on the live eviction show tomorrow night on Big Brother 2013?

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