I know I’m not the only one out there hoping for some kind of miracle when it comes to the Power of Veto Ceremony for Week 7 on Big Brother 2013 today. Someone needs to spice things up on Big Brother 15, but do any of us truly believe that Andy is the guy to do that??? Howdy Doody doesn’t want to get his hands bloody, but no one in the house wants to. Find out what happened in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Andy

In case you missed any of my Big Brother 2013 spoilerslets get you caught up:

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Since Andy was the HoH and put up the nominees himself he most likely would not be changing up the nominees this week and the Veto would not be used for the first time on Big Brother 2013, right? He shocked no one and the nominees are the same for Week 7 and no veto was used.

So, it is a matter of what the HGs decide over the week. Jessie is the main target, but Spencer has been mentioned as a possibility. The excitement of the week happens with who wins HoH next week and who goes on the block. Will anyone grow a pair and touch Helen or Amanda???

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