Another Thursday has arrived during the summer and on Big Brother 2013 that means one thing: live eviction show on CBS with Big Brother host Julie Chen. Can anyone believe that we are in Week 9 of Big Brother 15? Is it moving fast or dragging on? You be the judge, but we have another live vote in front of us and it appears to be a clear vote again. Check out my Big Brother 2013 predictions below and my thoughts in the Big Brother 2013 spoilers that follow!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Week 9 Eviction

Last night on Big Brother 15, we got to see some of the antics that Amanda pulled and I don’t mean just the ones of her tormenting and being a child in her actions. I am talking about even before she won Veto, where she claimed that she has been buddies with Elissa all season long and has had her back. When did this occur? CBS didn’t show us that Amanda did do all the crazy stuff and said a lot worse things, but also she told Andy to go console Elissa in the HoH room and maybe help his case to stay off the block. Amanda has a method to her madness, but it didn’t help and the final two HGs on the block for Week 9 are:

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  • Andy
  • Aaryn

While we are breaking up the 3AM alliance with this eviction, it still is not as exciting as seeing Amanda walk out that door! I would be fine seeing either one of these two HGs leave, but it looks like Aaryn will be heading out that door and sitting down to talk to Julie Chen. Do you think the show will be pre-recorded like they supposedly did for Howard’s eviction? I think so because that audience would be booing Aaryn for sure!

It won’t be as exciting of an interview as I would like, since Aaryn will be going to jury house and Julie can’t share much information. I will be intrigued to see what Julie may hint at with Aaryn.

Who do you think is going home tonight?

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