We may have not been able to see the Live Feeds on Big Brother 2013 for what seems like an eternity, but during that time a lot of action has happened! We saw Andy win Head of Household during the show tonight on Big Brother 15 on CBS, but then he had to make his nominations and the Nomination Ceremony happened while we were in a blackout. Check out the nominees in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - McCrae

So, the Live Feeds came back and it was hard to tell anything, especially with the HouseGuests sitting and doing nothing and then giving shoutouts, which turned the feeds black again! Don’t these HGs now any better???

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The Nomination Ceremony was held in the Big Brother 2013 house while the Live Feeds were out, so the two nominees from the Andy are:

  • McCrae
  • Spencer

It appears that GinaMarie’s key is in the memory wall (thanks to our friends over at BigBrotherNetwork.com), so that means McCrae and Spencer are on the block. However, the question of the night is who won PoV for the week. I’ll share that info when I can!

What do you think of Andy’s nominees on Big Brother 2013, not that they even matter?

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