Two days stand between us finally starting OUR summer, even though Mother Nature told us it “officially” started on June 21, but we all know that summer does not begin until Big Brother 2013 begins and we have the Big Brother 15 premiere coming our way in just two long days! While we get our spot on that couch ready, how about everyone prepare for the great season and make sure to get the early bird discount on the Big Brother Live Feeds and don’t miss a thing this season!

Big Brother Live Feeds Access

The Live Feeds are uncensored and that is where all the good stuff happens that CBS is too afraid to show us! And if you sign up by June 25th, then you receive a 20% discount on the season price. $23.99 for an entire season of Live Feeds for Big Brother 2013 sounds like a deal to me. How about you?

Big Brother Live Feeds Discount ends on June 25, so get it now!!!

The Big Brother 2013 cast looks great, even though we do have to deal with Rachel Reilly’s sister (let’s hope she is not as annoying)! They can each be their own person, so I will give Elissa Slater a chance to prove herself, even though her voice and laugh sound just like Rachel (cue nails on the chalkboard)!

You know we will keep you updated with all the good spoilers here on, but nothing beats seeing it for yourself with the Live Feeds and nothing beats a good discount!

Yes! I want to signup now and save on my Live Feeds!

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