Saturdays are always a busy day in the Big Brother 2013 house, as we find out who America voted as the third nominee, the HouseGuests squirm when finding out that information and then the Power of Veto competition is held and more squirming on Big Brother 15 until the Power of Veto Ceremony is held. Yesterday was no different, but the nominee from America has brought new life into the game and I love it! Check out some of the highlights from Saturday in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers below.

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The day finally kicked off when the Power of Veto competition players were determined and the third nominee was announced, which America voted for and put Amanda on the block. How many of you are dying to see her face when her picture pops up on that screen???? This led to drama, drama and more drama as Amanda finally got out of the bed with McCrae and decided to play the game and not tell everyone what to do!

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Judd, Amanda and McCrae are convinced that Howard is the MVP or has some special power. He clearly doesn’t, but this America as the Big Brother MVP has the house is shambles. Judd was angry all afternoon, until Spencer calmed him down some and said Howard is on his side.

Things got even more interesting when Spencer won the Veto and will be taking himself off the block on Big Brother 2013. Who will Aaryn put up as her renom? Most likely Candice, even though a possible Elissa renom could always happen.

As the night goes on, it appears that the house is convinced that Aaryn will put up Candice as the renom, so now she is out campaigning for her and Howard. Howard is going to go down without a fight? Candice confronts Helen about keeping Candice and Howard and voting for Amanda, but she tells her they don’t have enough votes to do that. Helen then drinks more wine and goes on a wine rant and is telling everyone that Candice threatened her and she doesn’t feel safe around her. When did this happen???

Candice and Elissa are talking and Judd and Howard are playing pool, but the remainder of the house is in the HoH room and joining Helen as they bash on Candice on Big Brother 2013! Helen keeps adding more and more to the story of what Candice did to her as she drinks more and more wine. I used to like Helen, but she needs to go up on the block again to be afraid. I think if America gets MVP again this week then the focus should be on Helen!

As it looks now, we will have Howard, Amanda and Candice as the final three nominees for Week 5. The confirmation comes tomorrow during the Power of Veto Ceremony on Big Brother 2013, but the drama should continue today as Candice might be one to watch out for if she goes on the block.

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