America had the chance to be Big Brother MVP again on Big Brother 2013 for Week 5 and with Aaryn as Head of Household the voting could focus on another HouseGuest, but who would it be? Our Big Brother poll seemed to favor one certain HG, but would all of America follow suit? Find out in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers that follow!


Yup, America voted the same way that 57% of our fans voted and Amanda is the MVP nominee for Week 5! Why the excitement on my part? Big Brother 15 has been boring at times the past couple weeks and Aaryn went and nominated exactly who Helen and Amanda told her to, so very boring!

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With Amanda as the third nominee on the block for Week 5 on Big Brother 2013, it puts some excitement in the game, as she searched to find that HG that is MVP and freaks out! She was going insane after being informed and the paranoia has kicked in for her…this is going to be fun!!! If she remains on the block and doesn’t win Power of Veto, then expect this week to get real interesting!

For the Power of Veto Competition, it will be her, Aaryn, Howard, Spencer, Candice and Jessie competing. I am hoping one of the guys win it and take themselves off the block and seeing who Aaryn comes back with as the nominee. Big Brother 2013 just got interesting again with the help of America’s vote, so thank you!

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