Prepare yourself everyone because I think we are going to be in for one exciting week on Big Brother 2013 and it could all come to a crazy end next Thursday night at the live eviction show on CBS. For the fourth time on Big Brother 15, we saw Aaryn win Head of Household last night and the picture below explains what to expect over the next few days in the Big Brother 2013 house. Get the highlights from last night on the live feeds in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

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While Aaryn did win HoH again, the funny part of that competition is that McCrae AND Aaryn tried to throw it and allow Amanda to win! McCrae answered wrong and Amanda moved on to the final round against Aaryn. She states that she waited and waited for Amanda to answer, but was over it and answered correctly. Amanda loses another competition, goes and cries while attempting to hide behind a trash can and yells at McCrae because she can’t win.

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This lasts for a little while, but she composes herself and gets back to doing what she does best: not winning any competitions and yet still controlling the nominees/vote. She talks with Aaryn and she wants Helen and Elissa on the block and Helen will be the target and Elissa the pawn. If either win veto, then Spencer will go up as a renom, but the target will be the first two. Aaryn is fine with that and now it gets interesting!

McCrae and Andy talk with Helen (and their fake Final 3 alliance) and they tell her that it will be her and Elissa going up, but Helen is the pawn and Elissa is the target. Apparently before the live show last night on Big Brother 2013 Elissa made a fuss about not wanting to sit next to Aaryn or GinaMarie. This did not sit well with those girls and it could bite her in the butt this week!

Helen tries to get Elissa to apologize, but she is having none of it. Elissa just wants to go straight home if she is evicted and doesn’t want to spend time in the jury house and just wants to see her family. Helen runs back to the HoH room and she brings on the tears for everyone and gives some sob story about Elissa and wanting to help her and now she needs to work alone and blah blah. Amanda and McCrae leave the room and talk about how fake that display was.

Another funny thing happened: during the live show, Julie Chen asked Helen a Twitter question about them not making bold moves in the game. Andy was upset about this and doesn’t understand how the Judd eviction was not a bold move? Um, because he had no power in the house and was not MVP, so you got rid of a player that was fun and we all liked to watch!

The Nomination Ceremony comes tonight and it looks like we might know who will be on the block for Week 8, but then things could change this week. Also, with the new twist announced by Julie last night, that same player who gets evicted this week could be back in the house. Could you imagine Helen getting evicted and then winning a chance to come back into the Big Brother 2013 house??? As much as she annoys me, I think that would be classic. She would rally her troops (Elissa, GM and Spencer are her only hope) and come with guns blazing!!!

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