Is everyone excited for the live eviction show tonight on Big Brother 2013??? Big Brother host Julie Chen is back tonight on CBS and will she be bringing any exciting news/twists with her tonight for Big Brother 15??? I sure hope so because we need to put some live back into this season, so I am 95% confident that they will be bringing some kind of twist this week on Big Brother 2013. Let’s hope I am right and watch together during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on Big Brother 15 tonight!

Big Brother 2013 - Week 7 Eviction

Our final two nominees for Week 7 on Big Brother 2013 are Spencer and Jessie. The house (i.e. Amanda and Helen) have been gunning for Jessie since last week, so she should be going home tonight. She caused some drama and fights earlier this week, after calling Helen out for all her lies! Will CBS show it tonight? She is getting a very friendly edit and I hope they show us!

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Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap or see who went home on Big Brother 15 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we never really see much of Andy until this week, so is anyone else annoyed by him? After the Veto Meeting, Jessie thinks that she is still safe and they have an honor the HoH this season. She then meets with McCrae and Amanda and asks if she is the pawn or not because he told Spencer the same thing. She is smarter than they all think!

She thinks Helen and Elissa have been distant this week and talks to Andy about it and he is a snake! I don’t like him. He then runs to Elissa and Helen and tells them that Jessie is worried and they need to be nice and talk with her and not ruin their game.

Up in the HoH room, Helen talks about Judd with Aaryn and Elissa and Jessie and outs Jessie about the backdooring Amanda. Jessie asks to play pool and calls Helen out for lying and you can see she is squirming! She got the shaky voice and every time someone confronts her she runs out the door. Then Jessie goes to Amanda and McCrae and outs Helen’s plan. Amanda wants to meet with them all to get it all out there.

Helen says it was not true. Jessie is calling her out on everything and Andy knows she is lying. Again, Helen is done and walks away. She knows she is caught, but can she fix her image from this one on Big Brother 2013!

Julie Chen said one of the two nominees will be joining the jury house tonight, but they may not be there for long! She’ll announce why later tonight on Big Brother 2013!!! What will it be?

Jessie now talks to Aaryn about Helen’s lies and wanting her to take the fall for it. Helen, Elissa, McCrae, Aaryn and Amanda meet and talk about Jessie being a target, but oopsie Jessie was listening outside the door! Pops goes Andy and he comes in to talk to Jessie and she is over him and knows he is lying!!! Now Aaryn talks with Helen and Andy and now Aaryn is worried about her game.

The fun begins, as Jessie is determined to blow everyone’s shit out of the water. She tells Spencer and GM about it and that Aaryn is talking GM all day. GM tells Aaryn about it and is actually cool about it, but Aaryn gets pissed at her and said she is annoying. This sets off GM and I guess Jessie’s plan is working, huh? She sits in her bed and smiles….love it!!! GM then calls a pointless house meeting and Jessie is loving it!

Now Julie talks with the HGs on Big Brother 2013. Aaryn said that there are less people and the tension is higher. Andy said Judd was awesome and kept things lively. Amanda said you should never feel safe and there should be a little paranoia. Helen gets asked about when someone will make big moves and she said taking out Judd was a big move and he had social skills to win this game. She said more big moves are to come, so hold on tight!

Some final words from the two nominees on Big Brother 2013 and Jessie said if they support her now she will be loyal the rest of the way and they are like a second family to her. Spencer wishes a happy birthday and wants to stay to fight. Now the vote:

  • Amanda votes Jessie
  • McCrae votes Jessie
  • Aaryn votes Jessie
  • Helen votes Jessie
  • Elissa votes Jessie
  • GinaMarie votes Jessie

No big shocker and in another unanimous vote, the next HG leaving the Big Brother 2013 house is Jessie Kowalski! Back to the HGs and Julie delivers the news that Jessie has been evicted by a 6-0 vote. Hugs all around, but they all seem SO fake!!!! Andy is crying again….why???

Jessie said she has been trying for a few weeks to flip the house and she knew she was going out, so she wanted to get people thinking. She said it may have worked and people might be questioning Helen now. She feels loyal to Helen, but she feels betrayed by her. She felt like an outsider and was hoping for a friend or a showmance and never fit in on Big Brother 2013. She said it will be awkward to see Judd in the jury house and have a bone to pick with him. Again, Julie says this is goodbye for now, but there is a lot of summer left….what does that mean???

Head of Household Competition: it is “Way Off Broadway” and they will compete against each other in twos. They will hear a song for a competition. Answer it right and the other is eliminated and they will pick the next two.

GinaMarie and Helen are first and GM wins, so Helen is out!!! She picks Elissa and Spencer. Spencer wins, so Elissa is out. He picks McCrae and GM (why). McCrae is right, so GM is out. He picks Spencer and Aaryn. Aaryn wins, so Spencer is out (dang it)! Amanda and McCrae are next and she has no clue, but McCrae rang in first and he loses, so Amanda wins. Now it is down to Amanda and Aaryn and one will be the new HoH. Aaryn rings in first and she is correct, so she is the new HoH for Week 8! Again, remember when she was not a threat???

Julie is coming back with the next big game-changing twist!!!

We are back and rejoining the HGs and Aaryn said she has become close with everyone, so this is going to be difficult. On next Thursdays live eviction show, one of the jurors will come back into the house!!! Judd, Candice, Jessie and next week’s evictee will compete live for a spot back into the Big Brother 2013 house! What do you think???

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