It is that time of week again: time for all of us to put our minds together and vote on who we think is going to go home tonight on Big Brother 2013. Well, they actually won’t be going home, but to the jury house, but still! Big Brother host Julie Chen hinted at the evicted players not necessarily being out of the game once they are evicted, so we may see the HouseGuests evicted tonight on Big Brother 15 again! So, who is going to jury house? Vote in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers poll below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Week 7 Nominees

All of our Big Brother 2013 spoilers are making this seem like it will be yet another unanimous vote tonight on Big Brother. Has this ever happened where every vote seems to be unanimous??? If you go against the house this season, it seems like you then become a target. No one wants that, so everyone is afraid to make a move and just vote to keep people happy. You aren’t going to win $500,000 doing that people!!!

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We all know that the final two nominees this week are Spencer Clawson and Jessie Kowalski and I made my predictions earlier today and now it is time for you to make yours. Vote in our Big Brother 2013 poll here and tell me who you think is going home tonight:

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