It was Monday in the Big Brother 2013 house and that meant it was time for the Power of Veto Ceremony and confirmation on who would be going home for the week. It also meant time for the HouseGuests to look forward to next week and who their target will be since they are all decided on who goes home this week: Helen. We all know, despite what she says, that she is not going to go down without some kind of fight or tears on Big Brother 15. Check out the Monday highlights in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers that follow!

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Despite the efforts of Helen to flip the house the night beforeAaryn woke up with a clear head and figured she would not have enough votes to get Amanda out, so Helen must go this week. In no shocker, Elissa removed herself from the block at the Veto Meeting and Spencer was put up as the renom. This is his sixth time on the block, so maybe lucky 7 will finally see him go home?

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Helen did make some attempts to get HGs to not vote for her, but her main target is Amanda. She does realize that she is on the block with Spencer, right? Monday was all about bashing Amanda and telling McCrae that he is being portrayed as a lost puppy following Amanda around on Big Brother 2013 and she is being a bully (it almost appears that those comments got to both of them). She wants Elissa and Aaryn to work together next week, but that will never happen.

Andy seems to be sneaking his way through Big Brother 2013 and Helen may be getting people to see that he is a snake. They cry together and he says she has his vote (she doesn’t). Meanwhile, the other HGs are seeing through him and seeing all the lies and think he is the one giving all the information to McCranda.

Amanda was calmed down last night when she wanted to confront Helen about the bully comments, but can the HGs calm her down all week? I think we should see a blowup where that is concerned and we should see Helen campaign more and more and hopefully she puts her sites on her real target for the week: Spencer. She has to get the votes against him and forget about Amanda right now!

We have the jury competition to look forward to this week on Big Brother 2013 and we need to hope for an Elissa victory at the HoH competition because she has gone between putting up McCrae and Amanda or Amanda and Aaryn! How will she play the game without Helen telling her what to do though???

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