For anyone not subscribed to the Live Feeds for Big Brother 2013, do it now!!! Click here and sign up and it will be worth it because the drama and tension is high in the Big Brother 15 house and we could see Amanda’s head explode this week. What a day (or should I say night) we had yesterday, as the nominations were made and players picked for the Veto competition very early! Why though? Check out the highlights below in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers!

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For the day, I’ll make it quicker. Judd and Elissa talked and it appears they have made a deal with each other to work together. Judd will still try and get close with McCranda to get some details. They agree that Andy can’t be trusted. Aaryn is the target still. Elissa is working on GinaMarie and they want a possible Final 4 of Elissa, GM, Judd and Spencer. Judd also confirmed that Candice didn’t want back in the house, since she really just jumped off after Helen fell.

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The Nomination Ceremony took place and things started to happen. Elissa did go with McCrae and Aaryn and Aaryn and Amanda had a bitchfest about Elissa. However, Elissa has changed her focus yesterday and now her target is Amanda! She meets with Judd and he is on board. They bring in Aaryn and she, of course, is on board! Elissa literally told her to put all their differences aside and work together to get Amanda out and she may be the reason why Aaryn and Elissa don’t get along. Elissa has a long talk with GM about Amanda and she is the one causing problems in the house and between everyone. Everyone knows Amanda is causing the problems, but can this really happen???

For some reason, the HGs picked players for the Power of Veto competition last night! This is normally done early on a Saturday and the competition takes place later that night. Why so early??? Not sure, but it caused some major drama and we liked it. GM, Amanda and Judd were the other players selected and it didn’t go well for Amanda. She could see the disgust in Elissa’s face when she drew Amanda’s name. Also, Aaryn and Amanda talked earlier in the day and “agreed” to a plan (a.k.a. Amanda telling Aaryn that she must choose Amanda if Aaryn gets the HG Choice chip). Why Amanda thinks Aaryn would choose her is beyond me. Yes, I will choose you so I will have two people fighting to get McCrae off the block and I am still stuck there. Since Aaryn picked Judd over Amanda, let the paranoia kick in.

Amanda was pacing the Big Brother 2013 house and hoping to catch someone talking game! Elissa and GM were in the kitchen and there is Amanda pacing. They start giggling at her and Amanda goes off, which then sets GM off. They really are fighting about nothing, but just trying to be louder then the other one. Elissa tells GM to stop because this is what Amanda wants.

Amanda heads up to the HoH room (on a side note, Andy tried to do his normal popping into every conversation earlier in the day, but Elissa told him to get out of the HoH room and I loved it). She talks with Elissa and brings on the tears and ranting and raving, but Elissa is just sitting there and holding back (sometimes she didn’t hold back) the laughter. Amanda does this every week where there is a scare of her going home. She talks to the person and tells them she is the only one fighting for them and they only have her and she will work with them and blah blah. She was blowing smoke up the wrong person’s booty last night and Elissa knew it. She kicked her out of the HoH room and went to bed!!!

In all of this, you have to feel bad for McCrae, but then he got himself into the situation. He is on the block, yet he has to calm down crazy Amanda on Big Brother 2013? They are complaining about everything and everyone and Amanda is telling Aaryn that she must let Amanda win veto. She would take McCrae off the block and then convince everyone else to keep Aaryn. What sane person would agree to that deal??? The things that go on in Amanda’s head fascinates me!

Sorry for the post and how it seems to go in 20 million directions, but it was an intense night and lots of good stuff. All in all, it looks like this Veto competition is going to be huge today. Keep it out of the hands of McCrae and Amanda and I think we will be saying goodbye to Amanda. The only one who doesn’t really know about the plan, besides McCranda, is Andy. The HGs are all on board with not trusting him! Spencer kind of knows, but he is iffy and seems to be aligning with McCranda on things.

Is anyone else pumped up about Big Brother 15 now, like I am????

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