We all had a big balloon popped on us yesterday for Big Brother 2013, but that definitely doesn’t mean that the Live Feeds are boring again by any means. With Elissa as Head of Household and no real ties to anyone, it seems like no one knows what is going on, especially when she seems to change her mind (or at least announce different plans to everyone) every five minutes. My head literally hurts from yesterday and it has only just begun, as we have a full day before the Veto Ceremony takes place on Big Brother 15! Check out some of the highlights in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Judd and ElissaPhoto Credit: BigBrotherUpdates.com

I don’t even know where to begin! There was so much game talk and people flipping all over the place, so I will miss things and sorry if I do. There was a lot to take in from yesterday! Let’s start with the obvious big one: the plan was to get Amanda out this week, but then she was picked to play in the Veto Competition and then, of course and in no big shocker, she won the Veto.

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Now where do the HGs go from here. Amanda will take McCrae off the block and then she is safe also, since she won Veto. Amanda’s new target: GinaMarie. She tries to force this idea down everyone’s throat all day and night, including Elissa. She has a way of getting this thoughts into the HGs’ minds and it works…not sure why.

Amanda and Elissa get into it big time and say some harsh things to each other (and that was before alcohol arrived). Amanda talks about Elissa having cosmetic work done and Elissa talks about Amanda being pregnant while in sequester. Elissa also mentions that people threw the Veto competition so Amanda could win. You know that did not sit well with Amanda, but she did proceed to wear the necklace all night!

It seems that the target is now Aaryn. She will remain on the block and who is sitting next to her is beyond me. Elissa mentions Andy, which I think is a great idea because getting rid of either of those two would be fine in my eyes! But they want Aaryn gone and now thinking that GM is the better choice. Andy is saying he would vote out Aaryn, but GM could never vote out her “BB bunny.” Elissa wants to put up Andy and wants to work with GM, but everyone is filling her mind with crazy thoughts and she is getting crazier by the minute. I don’t know what she is thinking and I am not quite sure if she even does.

Meanwhile, Judd is trying to work his magic and doing well at it. He is anti-McCranda and Aaryn, but Elissa does not seem to believe that. Aaryn jumped ship and went back to McCranda, but she goes where the power is at and that Veto win brought them power again. It is being said on Big Brother 2013 by Andy and Spencer, but they want to work with Judd and Elissa over McCrae and Amanda. How true that is is beyond me. Andy was a fake crying mess all night and trying to get sympathy, but no one seemed to care.

To be honest, I don’t know where anything stands right now. Elissa is changing her mind a lot, but I think it is all an act. I think she will put up Andy. She thinks that McCrae and Amanda will not vote him out (be cause she knows he is their spy), so they will vote Aaryn out (even though Amanda tells Elissa they will vote out whoever she puts up against Aaryn because they will keep her). I also feel that Elissa has gotten closer with GM since her HoH victory and I don’t think she would put her on the block.

Also, Aaryn has blatantly announced to everyone that whoever tells her this week that she is safe and then votes her out will not be getting her vote in the Final 2! Elissa is scared about going home next week, but Judd tried to reassure her that he will win HoH next week on Big Brother 2013 and she will be fine.

Today is a new day and maybe we will get more clarity, but doubtful. There is so much going on on the live feeds, so I am not complaining!

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