After a double eviction and a blindside of one of my favorite players in the game last night on Big Brother 15, the Big Brother 2013 house was a bit calm, especially after they crowned a new Head of Household for Week 7. Get ready for another boring week with these HouseGuests on Big Brother 2013, especially with the elimination of the Big Brother MVP and the Have-Nots already determined. Check out some highlights from last night in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

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So, Helen and Amanda concoct this crazy story in their minds that Judd is some freakin’ genius and he is scheming against everyone in the house. They all believe them and the blindside happens in the Double Eviction. It was a unanimous vote, but then the HGs are crying and emotional afterwards. You voted out the guy and now you are crying he is gone??? Not allowed! McCrae questioned the move later on and think it might have been bad for his game. You think???

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Aaryn was the puppet and played the game just as Helen was telling her to do. Afterwards, Helen even went as far as saying: “You ARE Janelle” and she is “Janelle 2.0.” This didn’t sit well with Janelle Pierzina, who tweeted out:

Now that makes me smile!!!

The HoH competition was held and the winner, in a big shocker, was Andy. That means we will get another week of doing what the house wants (or really doing what Amanda and Helen want). Speaking of Amanda: apparently she was close to winning HoH, but it appears that McCrae took her out! She was whining and crying and even admitted that she was being a sore loser.

With her actions last night on Big Brother 2013, Aaryn has solidified her Final 4 alliance with Amanda, McCrae and Andy. She will be around for a while, folks! And it appears that Andy already knows that he will be putting Jessie and Spencer on the block for the week with GinaMarie as a backup plan. The main target is Jessie….are you as shocked as I am??? (ugh)

I think I’ll vent later in another post, but I am sick of this doing what the house wants and voting with the house. Do they not realize that they all can’t win this season and it is only a matter of time before they become the target on Helen and Amanda’s sites? The battle between them two will be the best of the season because they both have power, but who has more???? Aaryn has now been HoH three times and won a Veto competition. How is she not a threat, but Howard was one and he never won anything???

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