Something weird is going on in the Big Brother 2013 house this week and I am completely over it and just want it to be Thursday night already! We have a Double Eviction night coming up again on Big Brother 15 and it can not come soon enough. Is Elissa really working with Amanda right now? Jewelry has been exchanged and I may have lost all respect for her that I did have. Check out some highlights from yesterday in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

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All-in-all, nothing really happened yesterday that didn’t add to the fact of what happened the night before. I honestly believe the Diary Room told Elissa to work with Amanda, for some reason (bring on the conspiracy theorists). I just think it adds drama to the show, so the producers love that. However, as the way Amanda treated Elissa last week, I just can’t believe this is happening and Elissa is agreeing to it.

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Amanda gave Elissa her earrings and Elissa gave Amanda her wedding ring to ensure that she is not lying. So, now Amanda believes that she is going to be safe. She thinks that Andy will be voting for her and he gives her a t-shirt to ensure his vote (yup, that all important t-shirt he wouldn’t want to lose). He is not planning on voting for Amanda and will blame it on Elissa flipping votes. I am wondering if Elissa is being fake and just trying to have a calm week and telling Amanda she will vote Spencer out on Big Brother 2013.

Judd had a moment after being in the Diary Room and he never explained it, but he was ticked off at production. I think he was given some hints to keep Amanda and sway his vote, but he is not budging. The problem: Elissa and Amanda are now after Judd. Then GinaMarie, but it shouldn’t matter and we should see some shocked faces as Amanda walks out the door. McCrae is leery on the plan and thinks Andy is lying, but Amanda doesn’t believe it.

GM did her HoH blog earlier in the day and no tears this time. I am intrigued to read that one. The Exterminators are planning on still taking out Amanda (unless Andy is lying to them). Then it looks like Elissa will be the target for the Double Eviction, unless she wins HoH and then Judd could be the target (or Andy if she realizes he went against their plan). Can it be Thursday already in the Big Brother 2013 house?

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