Everyone has been talking about this for a week or so now and Big Brother host Julie Chen announced it last night on Big Brother 2013, but voting is now open for America’s Favorite HouseGuest! All the HGs are in the running and the winner will take home $25,000. The winner will be announced during next week’s Big Brother 15 finale on Wednesday night! Voting details in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - America's Favorite HG

All we have heard on the Live Feeds this past week is the hatred for Elissa and how the remaining HGs don’t want her to win this vote. I think the constant talking will only get the Elissa fans and Brenchel Army up in arms and voting with all possible means. I think she may be the winner, but it also goes along the lines of Big Brother MVP this season.

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So, voting can be done on the CBS website and the link is right here! I did cast my ten votes and they went to Judd. Why? I think he has been very entertaining and his second exit interview with Julie last night was funny and entertaining. He brought a lot of laughs during a season that was on the boring side. It’s not for the best player or the MVP, but for our favorite player and he was mine.

Who are you going to be voting for? Voting is open until Tuesday at 2:59pm EST.

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