We mentioned it earlier today and I guess Jessie knew what she was talking about, but the Power of Veto Ceremony for Week 1 on Big Brother 15 did take place today and we have the details below in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers! What do you think McCrae did? The joys of the Big Brother Live Feeds: we can get all these answers and you should be watching them too!


Here is a mini-catchup session, for those not keeping up with our Big Brother 2013 spoilers:

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So, at today’s PoV ceremony McCrae did as expected and he used it and took Candice off the chopping block. Since he is the HoH as well, he then replaced Candice with Elissa, which is no big shocker.

Now it is a battle between Elissa and David to see who goes home first on Big Brother 2013! It seems split in the house, as half want Elissa gone and the other half want David gone. It is annoying voice versus annoying hair, but who will conquer? It will be interesting to see it all play out!

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