We are back to the Thursday night live eviction shows on Big Brother 2013 and I couldn’t be happier, seeming there is nothing else on TV on a Thursday night, so Big Brother 15 can consume my life on a night like tonight! With that being said, we have all seen my Big Brother 2013 spoilers all week and we saw the final pieces put together last night on Big Brother 15 with the episode on CBS, so who goes home tonight on Big Brother 2013? Take our Big Brother poll below and see who everyone thinks it will be!


For those that may have been living under a shell for a week, the nominees for Week 2 are Elissa, Helen and Nick. I enjoy all three of them, so this is a hard week for me and hoping Big Brother host Julie Chen reveals some miracle twist and they are all saved and Jeremy or Aaryn go home! We can all dream, right?

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If you want, you can check out my Big Brother 2013 predictions right here, but don’t let my crazy thoughts factor into your own vote!  Let’s see what everyone thinks, but I will be surprised to see any Helen votes, right? Come back tonight to see how you all did during my Live Recap for the live eviction show!

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