It is Friday in the Big Brother 2013 house and that means we are getting ready for the Nomination Ceremony tonight on Big Brother 15. While we are all still buzzing from that amazing win in the HoH competition for Elissathere is work to be done and nominations to be made! So, who should Elissa nominate for Week 9 on Big Brother 2013? Let’s start some Big Brother 2013 spoilers of our own and vote in my poll below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Elissa

Here is the thing: the HGs were getting in Elissa’s ears last night on the Live Feeds after the HoH competition. The evening seemed to end with her wanting to put up Aaryn and McCrae with Aaryn being her main target. We all know that Elissa hates Aaryn and she wants her gone big time, but is she the biggest fish to fry right now?

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She wants someone on the block that can beat Aaryn in the Veto Competition, so she thinks that could be McCrae because he would fight to win it. She notices anyone not trying too hard in the Veto Competition and they will go on the block next to Aaryn! However, before Helen left the game she was training Elissa on how to play the game. Do you want lessons from someone evicted before you???

Anyway, they talked about backdooring Amanda! Elissa is really giving no real glues to her full plan, but I am thinking (and hoping) her real target is on Amanda, but playing everyone along the way. If she does put up Aaryn and McCrae and one goes down, renom is Amanda? I don’t know what wheels are spinning in her mind right now, but I hope they are spinning the way we want them to and she doesn’t go after GinaMarie, like some HGs want her to.

She has seemed to make a deal with Judd, Spencer and Andy to keep them safe for the next couple weeks, so I think Amanda may be screwed with this one!!! So, who should Elissa nominate this week on Big Brother 2013? Vote here (you can pick two HGs for your vote):

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