We are in for an eventful few days on Big Brother 2013, as the Final 5 work their way through another Nomination Ceremony and Power of Veto competition to determine the final nominees for Week 11. We saw Spencer win his first HoH last night on Big Brother 15 and now The Exterminators seem set to make the Final 4, but will they stick together this week? Let’s start a Big Brother poll and our own Big Brother 2013 spoilers of our own! Who should Spencer nominate for Week 11?

Big Brother 2013 - Spencer

We saw both Amanda and Elissa join the jury house last night on Big Brother 15. Who would have thought that both of them would leave the house? I was hoping for Elissa to win the HoH competition, but that didn’t happen and McCrae got caught up in Andy’s lies and they sent Elissa home.

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Now we have Spencer as the HoH for Week 11 and tonight he will lead his first Nomination Ceremony. He will have a shorter week as HoH, since we have another eviction show on Wednesday and then another eviction show on Thursday! Busy week ahead of us, but who do you want on the block tonight? Will he stick with The Exterminators or will McCrae make waves today in the Big Brother 2013 house?

Vote in our poll here and tell me what you think will happen tonight (you can vote for more than one HG):

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