Are you ready for a full house on Big Brother 2014? No, we are not bringing back the Olsen twins and Uncle Joey, but the final eight HGs will be moving in tonight on Big Brother 16 and the Big Brother 2014 house will be full…full of drama! Watch it with us tonight during my Big Brother 2014 Live Recap and see who won the second HoH competition on Big Brother 2014 tonight!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Premiere Night 2

Last night on Big Brother 16, we got a chance to meet the first eight HGs and see them explore the house and form three alliances in just one hour! Our first group consisted of Paola (annoying and reminds me of GinaMarie from last season), Donny (SuperFan, but no social game and could hurt him), Nicole (same as Donny), Devin (strong, but may be a player), Amber (I see her getting jealous of the other showmances that may happen before her), Cody (dreamy to look at and he could be a contender), Joey (love everything about her) and Frankie (thought I would hate him, but he shocked me and I like his personality). Frankie ended up winning the first HoH, but details to come on that all tonight!

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Follow along with my Big Brother 2014 Live Recap below, as the new season continues!!!


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Here we go…here we go with tonight’s eight HGs. Victoria – she was raised in Israel until she was eight years old and thinks it is easy to manipulate guys and Victoria gets what she wants. Caleb – he is a metrosexual cowboy (do we still use that word?) Brittany – just coming out of a ten year marriage and has three kids and thinks she will grow as a person from this. Christine – she is a barista and cried when she got her key! She is a Big Brother fanatic and I am liking her! Derrick – he looks like a college kid, but is a police officer! Zach – recent college grad, but unemployed and playing golf. He doesn’t need friends and only needs himself and lying every time he opens his mouth. He got punched his face for telling someone what he thought about them. Jocasta – she is a minister and motivational speaker and loves bow ties. She is going to make it all the way because she has Jesus. Hayden – He is the goofy, funny kid and going to get along with everyone. He got straight A’s in school!

Christine loves being naked. Jocasta used to be a little slutty? She said she has been with everyone, but not sure what she meant there! Caleb wants to smell good for the ladies. Brittany is bringing clothes for a year. Zach is this season’s Jeremy McGuire?

They are now in front of Julie Chen and she tells them eight HGs are already inside and a HoH has already been crowned, but one of them will also be crowned HoH and we will have two HoHs by the end of the night! By the end of the week, only one HoH will be standing. First four to enter: Jocasta, Caleb, Christine and Hayden! Caleb is liking Amber…oh lord! Devin is thinking too much and he is planning alliances already! Now Victoria, Zach, Derrick and Brittany move in. We don’t seem to see any shocked faces, so no one must know each other, huh? Zach doesn’t care about any of them.

Victoria and Frankie hit it off. Nicole is worried about alliances crumbling with the new additions. Group 2 is worried about Group 1 and feels it is us against them at this point. Time to sit down for some champagne and introductions. Paola doesn’t know if Jocasta, the minister, can handle the game of Big Brother 2014. Joey loves Christine, so I could handle that alliance! Derrick is not telling anyone he is a police officer. Donny can’t remember anyone’s name! Cody is liking Brittany and can’t believe she has three kids! Frankie is worried about Caleb and being conservative and they might not get each other, but don’t forget about liberal Joey either!

Frankie needs someone to trust from Group 2 on Big Brother 2014, so he thinks it will be Victoria. Caleb and Paola talk and it is just awkward. He said he won’t be throwing any competitions…it is not in his DNA. Donny is whistling and sounds like a cricket and trying to be funny to distract everyone. Derrick is connecting with Brittany, as parents.

Zach, Frankie, Caleb and Hayden chat and Zach is just an ass! I want to punch him in the face too!

HOH COMPETITION: Jocasta says a prayer before and she feels this is hers now. The competition is “Over the Coals” and the HGs will be holding onto a big pole and holding on tight! They are rolling over “coals” and last one holding on will win second HoH! They have handles to hold onto, but Derrick is going for the big bear hug instead! Victoria gets dizzy and feels like she is going to faint and she is the first one to fall off! Can’t be a BBQ without BBQ sauce, so they start shooting that on them. And Brittany falls off! Jesus didn’t help her, as Jocasta falls off! Christina falls off. Zach and Derrick don’t want blood on their hands, so they both fall off and it is down to Caleb and Hayden. Caleb is way too cocky and I am not a fan. Hayden drops and Caleb is the second HoH of Big Brother 16!

We are back in the house and in the living room. Julie says each HoH will nominate two HGs for elimination and four will be in jeopardy of going home. “Battle of the Block” will happen and this week Frankie’s two nominees will battle Caleb’s two nominees. The winning dual will be taken off the block and the HoH that put up the winning dual will be dethroned and back in the mix and could be put up for elimination that week!

TEAM AMERICA: We get to chose and control this three-person alliance this summer! The first member of Team America is Joey!!! Each secret mission that they accomplish in the house will give Team America $5,000 each! Now it is time to vote for the second member of Team America! Vote here and voting is open until July 1!

Live Feeds start tonight, as does Big Brother After Dark! Remember, Big Brother All-Nighter with Jeff Schroeder tonight! Seeing Caleb, I don’t know if he is as homophobic as I thought. I am keeping an open mind with him because his eyes are so dreamy!

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