We have dealt with a lot this past year and we can finally put Big Brother 15 behind us, as the Big Brother 2014 premiere is behind us and the new cast on Big Brother 16 moves in! Well, half of the Big Brother 2014 cast moves in tonight and the other half moves in tomorrow night, but still! How exciting? I have high hopes for the new season, so this Big Brother 2014 premiere brings new hope! Check it out with us during my Big Brother 2014 Live Recap and see who won HoH on Big Brother 16 tonight!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Full Cast in Swimsuits

As my preview for the Big Brother 16 premiere showed us, we will have eight HGs move in tonight and compete in the first Head of Household competition. We have all seen the video interviews with the cast, but I am interested to see how they interact with each other. Fingers crossed for an amazing season and it all kicks off shortly!

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Follow along with my Big Brother 2014 Live Recap below, as the new season kicks off!!!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2014 Live Recap or see who won HoH on Big Brother 16 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…time to meet the first eight HGs for tonight:

Paola – DJ and annoying voice and wants all the guys to be hot! Donny – school groundskeeper and worked at the school that Kellie Pickler went to! Cody – he used to be a professional soccer player and he wants to meet cute girls in the house! Frankie – Broadway performer and dance teacher and brother of Ariana Grande, but not telling anyone about it. Amber – she is an outdoorsy girl and is definitely going to win Big Brother 16! Nicole – she is from a small town and is a superfan, watches the Live Feeds and been watching since she was 8 years old! Devin – former pro baseball player, but now a full-time Dad and going to work his charm to win! Joey – makeup artist and very liberal and wants to meet liberal men!

Joey is annoyed by high-maintenance girls. Paola is bringing three months of eyelashes, so there is your high-maintenance. Devin plans on hooking up. Nicole is afraid of ghosts, so she needs a cuddle buddy to keep calm at night. Frankie is bringing a rhinestone shoe to teach the girls to watch. I may be a fan of Cody right now!

The 8 HGs are in front of Julie Chen now. She says they are in for one of the most-twisted summer yet and the reason only eight of them are there will be revealed in time! First four to enter: Cody, Amber, Donny and Joey! The others pick their rooms quickly, but Donny struggles and never leaves his hometown. They are all beyond excited to be in the house. Now Paola, Devin, Frankie and Nicole enter the Big Brother 2014 house! Nicole pees her pants when she laughs too hard or gets nervous. Joey and Frankie share hugs over their colored hair.

Time for some champagne for the HGs and introducing themselves. Frankie is worried that Paola may know who he is since she is a New York DJ and may know his sister. Nicole thinks that her and Donny could team up eventually. Frankie and Paola both have a crush on Cody. Joey thinks that her and Frankie are soulmates. Amber is crushing on Devin. Now Devin is in love with Joey, so could cause some tension with Amber! Julie Chen reveals that your votes of who you would align with would be revealed soon and will impact the game, as we play Team America!

Only eight HGs in the house right now, so the alliance talk is forming already! They are the first eight in the house, so they should stick together until the end! Joey is apprehensive, since she knows none of them! They will be the “Crazy 8’s” and how long will this one last? I guess the guys minus Donny need to do some crunches shirtless for some reason.

Devin and Donny talk in the bedroom and Donny said he has been a fan since Season 1. Devin wants to be in an alliance that would shock people. Donny feels he won the Best Beard Contest at the county fair when Devin asked him. Paola sees Frankie and Cody playing chess and she wants it be an all-girls alliance. Does her voice not sound like GinaMarie’s a little bit? Now the girls talk and they talk about that all-girls alliance. They agree and will show America they can work together and have an “El Cuatro” final four alliance!

Julie Chen gathers the HGs and tells them the house will get crowded very soon, but until then one of them will be the first HoH and get their own suite and get to put up nominations for the week, but it does not mean they are safe for the week!!! That’s all we get for now!

Could our first showmance be starting? Paola and Cody are talking and she seems like such a ditz, but she is wanting him big time and I don’t know what he is thinking.

HoH Competition – Julie tells them to put on their swimsuits and head to the backyard. I, almost, could be a fan of Frankie. Anyone else? For this challenge, the HGs will be standing on a rolling barrel and holding a kite string. Last one standing will be the first HoH of the season! Not a shocker, but Paola is the first HG out! She annoys me! Joey can’t balance and she struggles most of the time and finally falls! They can’t just walk on the barrel and since it is so sunny, they throw some sunscreen their way! It is too much for Nicole and she is down! The barrel stops and switches directions and everyone is scrambling! Donny and Devin are down, so their alliance is out. Cody is down next, which leaves us with Frankie and Amber! Since Julie said HoH is not safe, Amber decides to throw it and Frankie has won the first HoH on Big Brother 2014!

Frankie may be HoH, but he is worried because of the twist. He calls a house meeting and asks them to have his back when the others come into the house.

Back in the living room and Julie Chen reveals the next twist. She said another 8 HGs will be coming into the house and a second HoH will be determined from them! So, two HoH’s for the week, but by the time the week is done only one HoH will be standing!

Team America Twist – Julie Chen said we voted for who we would align with. As it turns out, it will be a three-person alliance we are voting on! We will vote again for the next two weeks and when they are determined then they will be sent on secret missions to mess with the house! We find out who won it Week 1 tomorrow night and get details on the HoH twist tomorrow night!

What did you think of the Big Brother 2014 premiere tonight?

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