Get ready for a night of Zingbot, Kathy Griffin and some zings that will send the Big Brother 2014 cast into tears! Tonight should make you laugh, but then make you also question how smart these people on Big Brother 16 truly are. They do know that cameras are on them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, right??? Watch with us tonight during our Big Brother 2014 Live Recap and see who won Power of Veto on Big Brother 2014 tonight!

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Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Zingbot Preview 5

If you are one of those people that refuse to read any of our Big Brother 2014 spoilers and you only watch the shows on CBS then you have no idea what has happened since we saw Donny win Battle of the Block on Big Brother 16 Sunday night (with Christine trying to throw the comp and even help the other team)! If you do keep up, then you know all the excitement that has happened since then and the drama and tears that are hopefully shown tonight, especially after Zingbot and Kathy Griffin get their time with the Big Brother 2014 cast!

The fun continues on Big Brother 16, so follow along with my Big Brother 2014 Live Recap below!!!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2014 Live Recap or see who won Power of Veto on Big Brother 16 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…Donny is so tickled he won BotB, but his feelings are hurt because he knows Christine threw it and they were all in on it. Cody feels they are the gang that can’t shoot straight, but nothing he does is straight! This is the first time something has not gone Derrick’s way, which we are all sad about, right?

Derrick goes to work and talks with Donny and he is safe and the target remains to be Victoria, but Donny ain’t say anything! How funny is this? Derrick thinks he can blow smoke up anyone’s ass, but not Donny’s! Now he talks with Frankie and they are worried about who wins the veto and leaves Cody and Caleb on the block. Frankie said he would take down Caleb and Derrick starts his campaign to keep Victoria because that is a waste of an HoH if he sends Victoria home!

We now see Donny and Zach talking and he wants Zach to win veto so he can’t be backdoored. You can see the wheels turning in Zach’s head. Zach says he scared the shit out of him and maybe his alliance is against him! Of course they are! Now Zach talks with Frankie and he says Victoria is going and Derrick will win over anyone. Why would they keep Derrick then?

Team America discusses their mission, which is steal an item of clothing from everyone and then start a neighborhood watch. They will steal and hide them in a bag in the recycling bin. They get everything stolen, so now we wait for them to find things!

Time to pick players for the Power of Veto competition on Big Brother 16. The players will be Frankie, Caleb, Cody, Victoria, Donny and Christine. Donny said he wants to win veto and drawn colored candies to see if he uses it or not! This could blow up the Bomb Squad’s plans….if only the Bomb Squad still existed, Caleb!

We see Donny talking with Zach again and saying he will try his best to win the veto and not take anyone off the block, but tells Zach not to tell anyone and let it play out.

And we have the arrival of Zingbot! He starts out and is giving out “props” and being nice. Well, the doorbell rings and in comes Kathy Griffin!!! Zingbot is only giving out compliments, so she is here for a zinger-vention! Victoria’s is great, as she can’t zing anyone not playing the game! Zach is called out for cuddling with men! They reboot Zingbot and head to backyard, but everyone is having fun….for now!

POWER OF VETO COMPETITION: Kathy and Zingbot are there and they will be working plugs and boxes to reboot Zingbot. They have to light up all the boxes to be the winner. Frankie is out to a lead, but Donny is right behind him. He is going slow and steady, like normal. Christine is struggling and Victoria can’t get off the first box! She is so dumb and Kathy is ripping on her! Caleb gets out to a lead and then Frankie gets his third box, but Donny is stumped on the third one. It is a close one, but Frankie gets the fourth one done and wins the veto!

Zingbot feels different and he comes out with some good zings! He rips on Frankie being in his sister’s shadow! He says Derrick isn’t attractive. Donny’s game is more like Suck Dynasty. He said Cody may not have made enemies in the house, but he made an enemy with Christine’s husband!

Zach and Frankie talk and he talks about having all the power, but we’ll hear him talk about being powerless later. Here we go, as the HGs are noticing that things are missing. Will they show Frankie being a total ass about it??? They are all having fun with it to begin with and Derrick calls a BB Neighborhood Watch. Caleb and Zach want first shift. The watch has started and needs to go for 24 hours. Then it turns ugly and Frankie is going to use this to go after Zach. Caleb goes with it and wants Zach gone on Thursday and he is the saboteur.

They don’t show how mean Frankie was about it, but they find the items and Zach gets blamed for it all again. Another Team America mission that screws over Zach!

VETO MEETING: Just wondering if Frankie knows that he is 31 years old and wearing what he is wearing? Frankie loves them both, but uses the veto on Caleb and takes him off the block. Frankie gives his poem and puts up Zach!

What do you think of the final nominees?

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