The fun begins shortly and we should have a big night ahead of us on Big Brother 2014, as it will be a full hour and lots of things happening! We have the live vote on Big Brother 16 and the jury competition and a new HoH competition, which should be combined and probably an endurance competition, so get your Live Feeds ready! Watch with us tonight during our Big Brother 2014 Live Recap and see who got voted off Big Brother 2014 tonight!

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Week 8 has been a roller coaster of emotions for all the fans out there (and not the ones that just watch the shows on CBS). It started bad when Derrick and Frankie won HoHs and their target was Donny. He broke up that plan when he won Battle of the Block without the help of his partner Christine. Then we hit a low when Zach became the new target and his alliance turned on him and just rubbed salt in his wounds throughout the week, which they kind of showed us last night on Big Brother 16.

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With that being said, we have a vote tonight and we made our predictions earlier. We also had our weekly Big Brother poll and both are leaning towards a certain HG. See if we are correct and see the battle for the two new HoHs, which is crucial for this upcoming week. The Live Recap follows!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2014 Live Recap or see who went home on Big Brother 16 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…we start with Hayden, Jocasta and Nicole in the studio with Julie Chen!!! They look beyond excited! We go back to the Veto Meeting and we see Zach go to bed afterwards and Victoria has been waiting for this all summer because he is a lunatic.

We see Donny and Zach talk and he tells him he absolutely has his vote. This just shows that if Zach comes back, they will work together. Zach is trying to do some campaigning now. Frankie says you smile and go on the block, but when did he willingly go on the block??? He blames it on Zach not willing to go on the block with Donny. Frankie went off on Zach and called him an idiot and stupid, but they leave that out!

Now back to Team America and their mission. We see the Neighborhood Watch and apparently they accomplished the mission, even with Donny on guard alone at one point.

Now we get to see Victoria go nuts, as the pink hat Zach has been wearing all season long is actually Victoria’s hat. She steals it and rips it apart. The others giggle about it. She is being a child about it and says this is the most satisfying thing she has done all summer. Well, that is a sad statement there and I want to smack her! Again, they don’t show us that Victoria is now worried about Zach destroying her stuff and he is dangerous!

Donny is trying to work on Christine and get her to switch votes and saying that she is low man on that totem pole with The Detonators. He gets her thinking, or so she says. Zach tries one more time to get to Frankie and he makes some very valid points. This is where they make us think that people could vote Cody out, but it’ll never happen!

Julie talks to the HGs and they take a look at the BotB comp and she asks Christine why she struggled….it was dark and gooey. They find out the dual HoH ends tonight. We get to the vote and final words from the nominees. They give shoutouts and Zach says he’ll see Julie shortly!

  • Derrick votes to evict Zach
  • Christine votes to evict Zach
  • Donny votes to evict Zach
  • Caleb votes to evict Zach
  • Victoria votes to evict Zach

It is a unanimous vote (not sure why Donny voted to evict him), but Zach has been evicted tonight! Zach is told and flings Fruit Loops at them all and then walks out to loud cheers and gives Julie a flower! He says he couldn’t keep his mouth shut and he ruined his own game. He said the person he hated was Victoria and she kicked him when he was down. He said if everyone hates him enough then they won’t get the satisfaction of sending him home. Julie can’t move past the Zankie showmance and he said he is a great person and no hard feelings. Away messages and Victoria is finally shown and has the pink hat with her and Donny makes me cry again. He said he might throw the next HoH comp because he won’t know who to go after and mentions Victoria! Julie said he might get the chance coming after the break! I may not want Zach and Hayden to win now! What do you think?

Time to check out the jury house on Big Brother 2014. Hayden mentions Derrick is a manipulator and Cody is a good actor. He has some plans. They watch some videos of what they have missed. Nicole said she would target Christine if she got back in the house. Hayden and Nicole continue their showmance. They are cute and make me smile!

The jurors are with Julie and time to break the news to the HGs, who have no clue! The jurors rush the house and hugs everywhere. How fake is this? They all head to the backyard and the jurors will battle it out and the winner goes back into the Big Brother 2014 house!

JURY COMPETITION: It is called “Comeback Fight” and played in seven rounds. They will slide a disk down the table to the spinning roundtable. Their gate is only open for five seconds and person with most disks at end of seven rounds will go back into the house. If a tie, then person closest to center will win!

ROUNDS 1 & 2: They all get a disk

ROUND 3: Nicole misses

ROUND 4: Jocasta in lead with 4….NO!!!

ROUND 5: Jocasta in lead

ROUND 6: Nicole, Jocasta and Zach all tied!

ROUND 7: The discs were flying, but Nicole ends with five and is the winner!!! I am torn, but she can hopefully makes some moves!

Julie Chen was challenged to do the Ice Bucket Challenge and she accepts and does it live! She challenges every HG that ever lived in the Big Brother house to do it. To donate, click here.

We should have the HoH comp tonight, so stay tuned for that and we see Nicole trying to get details on what has happened. I am SOOOOO nervous to see this play out!

What do you think of the show tonight?

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