From the looks of it, we could have our first real blindside on Big Brother 2014 tonight, as Caleb seems to be the target for the Final 4 eviction on Big Brother 16, but he seems to think he is good to go tonight and is ready to see Victoria walk through those doors. I don’t think that is the way it will go down, but you never know! Watch with us tonight during our Big Brother 2014 Live Recap and see who got voted off Big Brother 16 tonight!

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Last night on Big Brother 16, we saw things play out for the final five and Frankie Grande was finally evicted from the Big Brother 2014 house! Many of us rejoiced, but then it was time to move on to the new HoH competition for the final four. It came down to a tiebreaker between Derrick and Cody and Derrick won the tiebreaker question and he became the HoH for this crucial elimination! Now we get to see the other events play out and it ends with another live vote on Big Brother 16 and someone new joins the jury house!

With that being said, we have a vote tonight and we made our predictions earlier. We also had our weekly Big Brother poll and both are leaning towards a certain HG. See if we are correct and the show should end with the start of Part 1 of 3 for the final HoH competition on Big Brother 16. The Live Recap follows!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2014 Live Recap or see who went home on Big Brother 16 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…the announcer just said The Frankie Show was cancelled! Who does Julie’s hair before the show? Do they look at it? We go back to see the guys telling Frankie and he says they just made him the most powerful person in the game and he returns them to his millions of followers and he controls the jury members! It gets ugly and Cody says Frankie is not Jesus and Caleb said he would smoke in the F2! Now I want Caleb to stay as he ripped Frankie a new one. Derrick plays it safe, as he should and Caleb should, but I like Caleb’s strategy better!

We see Derrick win the HoH and Cody pissed he lost on the final question. Then Derrick gets a holla from his daughter and tears in my eyes!

Now Derrick is working on the nominees and he tells Victoria that he has to put her on the block and it goes with them acting like they hit each other. He talks with Cody and letting him decide if he wants to go on the block or not, so Cody says no of course! He tells Cody he has to win the veto! And they talk F2 for them. He talks with Caleb and talks him into thinking it was his idea to go on the block and Derrick will use veto on him if he wins it.

NOMINATIONS CEREMONY: Derrick nominates Victoria and Caleb. He tells Victoria this had to happen with how they have been getting along and he tells them that Caleb needs to win veto. Caleb thinks he is safe, but Derrick said he better win the veto or he is going home and said that in the Diary Room. What?

We get to see how crazy Caleb is and how delusional he is! He thinks there could be a movie producer out there. We now see an interview with his family! His Dad said there is a degree of truth to every story he has told. They said his loyalty is what will hurt him in this game.

POWER OF VETO COMPETITION: This is huge, as they will cast the only vote tonight on Big Brother 2014! It is inspired by Stalker, so you would figure Caleb would do well on this one! The HGs will be playing detectives. They have a crime board with 14 clues on it and must match ex-HG with the clue given. First HG to complete the puzzle correctly and hit their buzzer will win veto.

Derrick does this on a daily basis, but he said it is no benefit for him to win, so he isn’t trying hard. Funny thins as all three of the HGs say that Derrick has their back. Caleb has not been good at webs, so he is struggling. Victoria thinks she is doing well, but has a ton of them wrong! Caleb is pretty much giving up! Cody is successful and he wins the veto and wins a spot in the F3!

Back into the Big Brother 2014 house and they are going to show Cody figure out who he is going to safe this week. The guys all celebrate, but Caleb doesn’t know his time is done! Derrick said he loves Caleb, but his family means more to him and it is time for him to go home. Are they going to tell Caleb or not before the vote? He is confident he is safe! Cody seems adamant about Caleb going home, so vote should come soon!

Julie heads to the living room, but the audio doesn’t follow with her! She tells them finale night is in one week. Cody can’t use the veto since no one to go up, but he will cast the sole vote. Julie asks if Victoria has anyone else to thank after being nominated nine times! We get a couple “at the end of the days” from Caleb, but “Heard Dat” is his catchphrase? He brings out the big loyalty card and I think he is going to be pissed!

Cody gives a big speech and tells them about The Hitmen and he has been loyal to Derrick from Day 2 and they have made all the decisions together. This is their best chance of being in the Final 2, so he votes to evict Caleb and he takes it like a Beast! He tells Julie he is closer to Derrick and hurt more by him. He said he is not regretful for evicting Frankie and he showed his true character the last day. He said he tooted his own horn all season long and Caleb showed him respect and never got any back. I am loving Caleb right now! He gets his away messages and they are very nice from all of them. I miss Caleb!

It looks like Part 1 of the Final HoH Competition will not be shown until Friday night at 8pm EST and then the finale next Wednesday at 9:30pm EST. I am sure I will have spoilers before Friday night, but we’ll see!

What do you think of the show tonight?

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