Which HG on Big Brother 2014 will be walking through those doors and sitting down to chat with Julie Chen tonight on Big Brother 16? Well, we only have a short wait to find out that information, but Devin was shaving his arms earlier today to get them smooth for Julie??? Find out during our Big Brother 2014 Live Recap and see who got voted off Big Brother 16 tonight with us!

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Week 3 started with a plan in the Big Brother 2014 house and it was just a matter of having all the pieces fall into place. We saw Veto Night last night on Big Brother 2014 and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place when Donny showed us how much of a true gentleman that he is. While many people were out there crying when watching it all go down, we saw some major tears come from Jocasta after he saved her.

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With that being said, we have a vote tonight and we made our predictions earlier. We also had our weekly Big Brother poll and both are leaning towards a certain HG. See if we are correct and see the battle for the two new HoHs, which is crucial for this upcoming week. The Live Recap follows!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2014 Live Recap or see who went home on Big Brother 16 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…Caleb feels it would be the biggest move this season if Devin goes home and he volunteered to be on the block. How is that a big move? More tears from Jocasta and she said she will return the favor and hope they can be together in the end.

The scarf has arrived for Caleb. Then we see creeper happen even more, as he gives all his blankets to Amber to keep her warm in the Have Not room! He tells Hayden, the things you do for a girl you like. Hayden knows he is crazy! Cody and Donny are talking about how crazy Caleb is and now Cody thinks maybe this could be a good time to go after Caleb, especially since he feels Caleb may be targeting him because of Amber. Donny said sooner the better to get Caleb out!

We have a little poke at Victoria, as she comes out in a bikini and they guys hoot and holler. Hayden asks “what’s your name” and then jokes in Diary Room and says no, really….what’s your name? Love it!

Zach, Cody and Derrick start talking and they know Caleb is angry. Amber likes Cody and Caleb is angry over that. They think this “love triangle” is dangerous for their game.

We see Hayden trying to get closer with Nicole and he is getting close to kissing and Victoria comes in and interrupts them! He is not happy, as Victoria goes to bed and does not leave the room. Anyone else think Hayden is cute?

They sure are playing up this Cody wants Caleb gone and Devin could possibly stay, huh? Zach and Cody talk and think Devin is not a bad person, but he came into the Big Brother 2014 house and played a bad game. Why do they keep calling Caleb a beast when he has sucked it up at the comps? Frankie starts going around with the “Caleb going home” idea.

Big Brother legend” Jeff Schroeder goes to meet Donny’s family! His parents said they don’t watch the show! They say he dresses different and his Mom does not like him in shorts. They laugh at the HGs thinking he is ex-military and say he always wanted to be. Can I join this family? Of course they make me cry!!! They say he is full of positivity. Looking at them, you can see he is real and just being himself. Love this segment!

Time for Julie to talk to the HGs and Nicole is in her frog costume. Jocasta is feeling better and death is not knocking on her door any more. Zach is funny and said everyone in the house is annoying. Hayden said he loves it and asks if Survivor is hiring? Julie informs them there will be no Have Nots this week, but they should always expect the unexpected. The next Have Nots will be selected from their activity trackers this week!

Time for the vote, but speeches from Caleb and Devin. Caleb said he has not backstabbed anyone and he is Beast Mode Cowboy. Devin said he would do some things different. He said Caleb has a F2 deal with Amber and you all need to think of that. It almost makes me like him! Here we go with the voting:

  • Jocasta votes to evict Devin
  • Donny votes to evict Devin
  • Nicole votes to evict Devin
  • Hayden votes to evict Devin
  • Zach votes to evict Devin
  • Cody votes to evict Devin
  • Victoria votes to evict Devin
  • Frankie votes to evict Devin
  • Amber votes to evict Devin
  • Christine votes to evict Devin
  • Brittany votes to evict Devin

It is a no-brainer and went as expected, as we have an 11-0 vote and Devin has been eliminated on Big Brother 16 tonight! The HGs go crazy once he walks out the door. Brittany gave him an aluminum foil heart, which he is ecstatic about, but Julie said she did not give him her vote! Julie tells him that Donny is a groundskeeper despite what he thought. Donny has such a nice way of saying things!

HOH COMPETITION: They are forming teams of two and the winning team will win the two HoHs this week. Teams:

  • Victoria and Christine
  • Caleb and Nicole
  • Brittany and Jocasta (can they win and make things interesting)?
  • Amber and Zach
  • Donny and Hayden (or them)?
  • Cody and Frankie

For the competition, it is called “Deviled Eggs.” They will have to work together to get all 12 eggs across the chicken wire and into the slots. There are two sides to the wall and they both have to make 12 eggs through. Could Victoria move any slower? This could go past the time, so we might have to wait for the Live Feeds to see who won! Frankie and Cody are moving along nicely, but then Frankie drops the egg!

TEAM AMERICA: The votes were counted and they must nominate a physical threat!

Back to the HoH and we have Amber & Zach with one eggs and Frankie & Cody with one egg. Ashes are now falling down to distract them. Frankie and Cody moving quick since he dropped one, so this could get interesting! Believe me, I will keep you all posted and will have the winners as soon as I know!!!

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