Everything is place for a backdoor tonight on Big Brother 2014, but will it truly come as a shock to her before the votes are actually counted on Big Brother 16. And will the producers show us the babbling, crying hot mess that Caleb will become when she leaves? This will be too good to miss, so watch with us during our Big Brother 2014 Live Recap and see who got voted off Big Brother 2014 tonight!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Week 5 Live Eviction Show

Week 5 started with Zach and Frankie winning HoH and wanting to either backdoor Caleb or Amber. Zach acted like a fool for most of the week, which was egged on by Team America trying to accomplish their mission. As we saw last night on Big Brother 16, that did not happen and I was happy to see that. It had to be an argument and not just Zach making a fool out of himself! Team America is back and needs to throw two votes into the eviction against the majority, so could it mess with the plan for tonight?

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With that being said, we have a vote tonight and we made our predictions earlier. We also had our weekly Big Brother poll and both are leaning towards a certain HG. See if we are correct and see the battle for the two new HoHs, which is crucial for this upcoming week. The Live Recap follows!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2014 Live Recap or see who went home on Big Brother 16 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…we start with Julie Chen saying the Team America is in place, but will it make a change in the vote tonight?

Back to the end of the Veto Meeting and Amber said that Zach can’t get under her skin. Caleb being Caleb says that they put Amber up to scare her. Amber then goes to Caleb and said she hates Zach and Frankie said that she should and she asked why not Zach then? He is trying to cover his tracks, but Frankie is not doing a good job.

Now Caleb and Amber talk and he says it is a trust issue and she is hanging out with others and not their alliance (which actually doesn’t exist any more)! Caleb is now talking with Amber again and he outs the whole alliance knowing and she is crying and using those tears to break the Beast Mode down!

Caleb believes that this was his idea and now he feels bad and Frankie is pouring it on. Caleb cries and Frankie hopes she doesn’t go home, but the plan is to send her home. Caleb cries and said he’ll play by himself if they don’t pull Amber off. Frankie said he has never seen a cowboy cry more since Brokeback Mountain!!!

Amber is in the HoH and Zach asks if she likes Caleb and she starts crying and leaves. Christine goes to talk to her and Amber wants Caleb out and she is ruining her game. So, Christine runs back to Derrick and Frankie and she wants Amber to stay and then Amber can get Caleb gone! While Christine likes this idea, Frankie will use that to be the nail in the coffin to get Caleb back on their side and know that Amber wants him gone.

Caleb now talks with Frankie, Derrick, Zach and Cody in the HoH room and he wants to keep Amber, but then Frankie tells him that Amber is saying Caleb is her biggest target. He leaves, but they try to stop him. They are worried he is blowing up the house, but how can a guy in a onesie and bunny slippers blow up a house? He flings those slippers (Amber’s) across the living room and it is on!

Now Julie will talk to the HGs and she gives her condolences to Derrick for the loss of his grandfather. Zach talks more and still hates everyone. Nicole liked being called a fruit loop dingus and takes it as a compliment. Caleb said the scarves are to keep warm and the slippers are Amber’s and they fit well (yeah, okay).

Team America gets their mission and they want them to vote against the majority of the house and blame two other HGs for the vote when they leave, so on the show tonight. Derrick said this could be the hardest yet and could ruin their games in the long run. Donny said calling out someone is not part of his character inside or outside of the house and the other HGs would figure it out. They want to blame it on Zach and Caleb. They are definitely making it look like Derrick and Frankie were on board with Donny not wanting to do it and didn’t show them saying Donny needs to go because he is against Team America mission!

Back to the living room on Big Brother 2014 and time for the live vote! Amber said she loves them all and has been an honest and loyal player. Jocasta thanks God first and she prays for them all and will continue to pray. And the voting begins:

  • Hayden votes to evict Amber
  • Victoria votes to evict Amber (she always bad mouths the person going home)
  • Donny votes to evict Amber (he apologizes to America, but said too risky)
  • Derrick votes to evict Amber (he blames it on Donny for not wanting to do it, but looks like an ass in the meanwhile)
  • Zach votes to evict Amber
  • Caleb votes to evict his beautiful girl Amber
  • Christine votes to evict Amber
  • Cody votes to evict Amber
  • Nicole votes to evict Amber

It is another unanimous vote, as Amber is evicted 9-0! Caleb said that is what happens when you bite the hand that feeds you! She said she is not interested in Caleb and not going to pretend to like him to win some money, which the crowd cheers! Julie said it was a one-sided romance with Caleb and it did ruin her game. She complains that Caleb still has her bunny slippers and Cody was like a brother to her. Christine outs The Detonators in her away message and said Caleb is next and Amber cheers. Caleb said he is the king of the house. Amber said that Donny is running the house and Zach is a villain and she will not be Caleb’s date to the finale, but she is single!

HOH COMPETITION: The HGs got to watch videos yesterday of themselves in competitions from this season and it will help with the competition tonight. Nicole is really studying the videos and Zach said he is smarter than everyone else, so he will blow this up! It is called “Getting Loopy” and Julie will read a series of statements based on the videos and they will answer true or false. Last two standing will win HoH for Week 6!

QUESTION 1: Everyone is correct!

QUESTION 2: Jocasta is out (ugh)!

QUESTION 3: Everyone is correct

QUESTION 4: All are correct

QUESTION 5: Correct again

QUESTION 6: Victoria, Christine and Derrick are out!

QUESTION 7: All are correct (my nerves are killing me)!

QUESTION 8: Everyone right

QUESTION 9: All right again

QUESTION 10: Correct again

QUESTION 11: Cody is out

QUESTION 12: Everyone is right and they are out of time for the live show, so will it be done on the live feeds? We have Zach, Nicole, Donny, Hayden and Caleb still left. Go Hayden and Donny!

Nope, Julie is making us wait until Sunday to find out who wins, but we will give you the Big Brother 2014 spoilers as soon as we know! And we have a Double Eviction next Thursday night!!!

>>>Click here for results from the HoH competition!!!<<<

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